Anglo-Saxon England

This is quiz about events and people during the history of Anglo Saxon England. Not all of the questions are easy, and not all of them are hard.

Do you have the knowledge to achieve victory in this quiz? How far will you go for England? Though this quiz is just a bit of fun, I actually think you should be ashamed of yourself if you do badly.

Created by: James
  1. What two legendary brothers were employed by King Vortigern to defeat the invading Picts?
  2. According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, who was the first High King of Britain, or Bretwalda?
  3. What monastery was raided and sacked by the first recorded Viking raid in 793?
  4. Who was Alfred the Great's son?
  5. What Anglo-Saxon group originally held hegemony over Londinium?
  6. What year did Alfred win the bloody battle of Ashdown?
  7. The Viking leader Guthrum was known as Guthrum the...?
  8. For most of the 7th century what Anglo-Saxon kingdom was the strongest?
  9. At the battle of Nechtansmere in 685, who broke the power of the Northumbrians?
  10. Who was the Welsh monk who wrote a biography of Alfred's life?
  11. The battles of Cymenshora, Mercredsburna & Anderida occured during the founding of what kingdom?
  12. In what decisive battle did Alfred and the West Saxons beat the Great Viking Army?
  13. The year 937 saw Alfred's grandson Athelstan complete his conquest of England at the battle of Brunanburh. Who did he fight?
  14. What marshes did Alfred flee to after the Vikings surprised him at Chippenham?
  15. What kingdom was the first to gain hegemony over the kingdoms of Essex, Kent and Sussex?

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