What Hetalia Character are You?

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Hello! Some people wonder, If i was a nation, who would i be? well this 12 question quiz can solve that problem! You can never know! this quiz makes it pretty easy to get who you want but, please i ask you to actually try to be yourself!

Anyways, you have 4 results for this quiz. First you have, Mr. Canada! Up next, he's a little rough around the edges you could say, and has actually lifted up, and dragged England's car! that's right! It's the amazing, America! (he paid me to type that out) Next we have the man who likes, or should i say LOVES cats the most, Greece! and last but not least, This magical Man's name is England!

Created by: HetaliaLover809
  1. Who do you like best?
  2. F.Y.I the first 2 questions including this one have no effect. though the results come out as male because all the results are men. is that okay?
  3. Do people notice you often?
  4. Do you like Cats?
  5. Welp, we're half way done. I'm gonna miss you. :'(
  6. Do you play MineCraft?
  7. Are you a gentlemen?
  8. Are you a gentlemen?
  9. Are you magical?
  10. Last question. Are you ready for the results?

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Quiz topic: What Hetalia Character am I?