Never Alone (Part 9)

Hi, and welcome to part 9 of 'Never Alone'. With the help of my new friend ivoryleaf I have came up with some idea's. Hope this one Isn't to rushed. Eh? You tell me.

Ok, and this will be in the guy's point of view's etc. I shall leave you to reading.

Created by: xbox360fan

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  1. Ok incase you didn't read the top two paragraph's... then read them ok?
  2. ~Zanary's P.O.V~ I was walking through the forest looking for Coal, and Avery sometime's I wonder if I should be put to finding people I mean I may be the main tracker or what not, but that doesn't mean I enjoy what I do. Wait I'm supposed to be looking for Evan as well you know what I'll look for Evan first. It should be easyer. I walked back to the outskirt's of the the city I could tell it was rush-hour because of the car's. I walked to Evan's apartment carefull not to draw any attention to myself. I stopped, and walked in I headed up ten flight of stair's because the elevator is broken the elevator might be broken, but it still is a nice apartment building. I stopped at his apartment, and opened the door, and walked in. I saw Evan was asleep on the couch why is he so lazy? I grabbed a bucket of freezing cold water, and dumped it over his head which caused him to jump up, and punch me in the stomach. I grunted, but wasn't effected by it.
  3. ~Evan's P.O.V~ I was dreaming about random thing's, until I felt a rush of cold water come over me. First thing I could think of was punching the person/thing. I heard it grunt, and my eyes shot open I saw Zanary standing there with a smirk on his face. How did he find me? Oh wait nevermind my scent of course I hate that. I slowly stood "what do you want!" I snapped clearly annoyed Zanary shot me a glare before he said "we need you back at the mansion-" I interupted him "WHY!!!" I snapped once more "NOW!!!" he growled back. I was taken aback by his behavor, so this must be important. I sighed, and followed him out my apartment. I was still soaking wet, so I attracted stare's from people. We finally made it to the ranch-house, and I'm glad we did because I honestly was still tired, and I need a shower.
  4. ~Kyle's P.O.V~ I saw Evan, and Zanary walking up, but I couldn't see Coal, or Avery. Zanary didn't listen did he ugh sometime's I wonder if he actually has ear's, and if he does, does he only listen to the stuff he want's to. "Zanary where is Coal, and Avery" I asked calmly "Nowhere" Zanary responded as he walked past me, and into the ranch-house. I shook my head, and followed them inside. "So Zanary where are they" I asked once more "I don't know now drop it Kyle" Zanary said. I'm starting to wonder if Zanary is on our side. I sat down on the couch as well as the other's did the same. "So what now" I asked "Maybe we could find Coal, and Avery" Evan. Zanary shook his head "No Avery is with Faith, and Darren I can tell". "How?" I asked "They have scent's to ya know" Zanary said more as a statement instead of question. I rolled my eyes, and looked toward's Nick for any idea's
  5. ~Nick's P.O.V~ I was daydreaming about Coal again so I had tuned the other's out. I snapped back to reality once I sensed Coal's feeling's. Wait is she crying or am I just imagineing all this? "Guy's I think I know where Avery, and Coal are" I said "where" they all asked except Zanary "just follow me" I said. I stood, and walked to the forest I spotted Avery. Wait is he kissing Faith his ex-girlfriend? I think I'm loseing my mind, but yet I'm not because I can sense Coal near. The other's seemed frozen in place so I lunged toward's them both, and separated them. Avery's eyes told me everything because I could see he was under a transe by just looking at his eyes. I tapped Avery's forehead, and he snapped out of it, and he growled pushing me off him. I stood, and looked at Faith, so Darren has to be here somewhere, but where? I looked at Faith, and used one of my power's to pin her to the ground without touching her. "What were you doing with Avery?" I asked "Killing this one girl from the inside, and she fell for it to" Faith said coldly with a smirk. "Where is she" I growled even more coldly then I ever would have thought I would "don't know don't care" Faith said.
  6. ~Evan's P.O.V~ I had enough with this girl I think named Faith? She started going on about how Coal was worthless, and some other thing's I tuned out. "Hey guy's do you mind if I do the tortureing" I said they all had shocked expression's "what just because I'm the peace maker of the group doesn't mean I can't have some fun here, and there" I said. "That's a scary thought" Kyle said as he took a step back. I just laughed as I grabbed the girl's arm, and led her to the ranch-house. Once I got there I bound her arm's, and leg's together. She looked innocent, but I knew she wasn't "where's Coal" I growled. She just laughed, and I grabbed one of Coal's dagger's don't ask how I got it. I slashed her knee cap with it, and she growled in pain, but she didn't do anything else. "Where is she" I growled as I lost my patience she didn't answer so this time I slashed her face over her eye which caused her to let out an ear-splitting scream. "Fine fine, I don't know, but I think Darren took her..." she started "where to" I said. "His home in Southern Californa" she said. I nodded, but slashed her neck causing blood to spill all over the floor.
  7. ~Kyle's P.O.V~ I'm not going to let Avery come with us because he has done enough harm by just being with her. "Avery you are going to have stay here" I said. Avery now looked pissed "calm down dued, I know this seem's bad, but I need you to stay here, and look after the ranch, and Evan" I said Avery growled at me, but he walked off to the ranch. I'm glad he didn't blow a fuse back there ok so that mean's it would be me, Zanary, and Nick. Oh great I can't work with these two. "Ok you two idea's?" I asked. "We can go from here to Alabama, then Mississipi, then through Louisana, Texas, New Mexico, then Arizona. It should be about a seven day drive, but if we go 100 mile's per hour then may about a three day drive" Zanary said. I was shocked he knew that much. I could see Zanary smirking at my expression.
  8. ~Nick's P.O.V~ "I vote for 100 mile's per hour thingy" I said as I looked at Zanary. Kyle just nodded in agreement. "Ok then let's go" I said. I ran off to where we keep the car's the garage of course. We hopped into a midnight blue Cobra Mustang 2004 model. We drove out the state slowly at first, but sped up to around 100 or atleast close enough. After a while of driveing we got to Mississipi. That's when we got pulled over, but these weren't just any cop's no they were immortal's. They are working for Darren. We got out the car, and I had one of Coal's weapon's. Eh what can I say she does have some epic weapon's. I had a sword that's blade was made out of volcanic glass, and the handle made out of pure pearl. Kyle had an ordinary sword ok maybe that Isn't Coal's, but whateve's. Zanary went for the dagger which was his of course not Coal's. Figure's I would be the only one. Oh well let's get started. I stabbed one person in the stomach, and the sword went straight through his stomach, and through his back which made a very sickening sound. Kyle wasn't doing so well so I planned on helping after I got through with this one person. Zanary was doing better then me that show off.
  9. ~Kyle's P.O.V~ Ok I suck at fighting, and my sword was rusted through so it could snap at any moment. Zanary had finished off his last guy, and came to help me. Nick was stuck fighting three of the guy's by himself. Zanary had stuck is sword through the two guy's I was fighting (both at the same time). He jerked his sword out, and along with the sword came the heart's they were still beating (slightly). That's it I think I'm going to barf. Nick had finished off his guy's. We got back into the car, and drove again. By night fall we made it to Lousiana. I love it here. I could see the look of disgust on Zanary's face. He doesn't like it here because of his 'past'. Nick has never been here so he was actin like an exicted five-year old. Sometime's I wonder if Nick is just a kid in a teen's body.
  10. ~Nick's P.O.V~ I was so excited to be here. I've never really actually traveled before. I looked around for anything I could do, and started to wander off. Kyle grabbed my arm. He is no fun. "Nick remember we have to look for Ciara as well, and then after that Coal?" Kyle said. I sighed, and nodded "But why can't we just have a little fun" I said in the most whiney voice I could. "No, now I know where Ciara live's so come on" Kyle said. I groaned, but followed him, and Zanary. We stopped at a large building, and walked in. We walked up the stair's, and into a room. We found Ciara sitting on one of the stool's waiting for us. She has long blonde hair, and sparkling blue/green eyes. "Hi there Ciara" I said Ciara was startled at first "Oh hi Nick, Kyle, and Zanary" Ciara said she looked around. "Avery, and Evan didn't come Ciara" Kyle said Ciara shrugged, and looked at us. "We need you're help" Zanary said "with what" Ciara asked "finding Coal" Kyle said. I stayed quiet as I played with a beaded necklace I was swinging it around my arm, and it flew off my arm almost nailing Zanary in the head. I tryed not to laugh, but I failed, and Zanary came running after me so of course I ran.
  11. ~Ciara's P.O.V~ I watched as Nick ran out the room with Zanaray chasing him. "He's in Californa Evan told you that right?" I asked "yes he did, but where in Cali?" I asked "The first place you get to there should be a large beach house near it will be the largest one around" I said. Kyle nodded his head "Anything else" he said. "No because I can't join you. If you need my helpt with anything else don't contact me got it?" I said. I then vanished into a mist.
  12. ~Kyle's P.O.V~ I went to find Zanary, and Nick. We have to find a place to rest for the night then continue to find Coal. I stopped as I saw a crowd I sighed, and walked through the crowd to see Zanary ontop of Nick who had a black eye, broken nose, and bleeding lip. I kinda feel bad for him eh oh well. "ZANARY, NICK!!!!" I yelled at the top of my lung's. How do you girl's scream without hurting there throat's?
  13. ~Nick's P.O.V~ Zanary got off me once we heard Kyle. The crowd let out a mix between aww's, and boo's. I rolled my eyes as I stood "Come on you two" Kyle growled. Zanary snickered as I followed Kyle, Zanary then followed slowly. We stopped at a house that was old, and abanded, but it will have to do. We walked in carefully It's alright here it look's nothing like you would expect. Eh it still could be better. We all slept on different couches if we all slept on the same one that would be weird.
  14. ~Still Nick's P.O.V~ We woke up the next day, and went to the car of course. After maybe about five hour's of driving we made it to Cali. We drove through a neighborhood looking for the beach house. We jerked to a stop once we saw it. We got out the car, and got our weapon's ready. Well Kyle decided to stay in the car since he can't fight. We went inside nothing was in here. Damn it Ciara she told us wrong. Sigh this Isn't even the right place. We walked back to the car. "Find anything?" Kyle asked "No this Isn't the right house".
  15. ~Kyle's P.O.V~ "Um sorry to rain on you're parade, but it is. Their just not here at this moment. See there's a note" I said. I walked over to the porch, and grabbed the note -Off to vacation for if you need anything then call. Signed, Darren-. "Oh..." Nick said "I guess we have to wait" Zanary said. I nodded my head. Nick just sighed, and we got back into the car. Eh well since we are already might as well have some fun right? Well wrong because we have to come up a plan for when they come back.
  16. ~Evan's P.O.V~ I just realised me, and Avery where left here. I hate them right about now. I sighed, and got finished brushing my brown hair. When they get home Coal better be alive. Oh, wait nevermind if she died her power's would be trasferred to the person that killed- Damn I forgot about that someone could kill her just because of her power's. Avery walked into the room "what are doing in here it really take's you five hour's to get ready" Avery said. I rolled my eyes "why yes, yes it does because-" I got inturupted by Avery "just hurry we have to go to the store since someone here ate all the food" Avery said. I rolled my eyes, and followed him out. We got into his car which is a lime green chevy camaro 2012 model. Me I prefer the older model's of any car. We drove to the store, and I was clearly bored so I just started to fog up the window, and write on it.
  17. ~Avery's P.O.v~ He just has to be writeing on the window doesn't he. Well he is going to have to clean it to. We made it to walmart I got out, and waited for Evan, but he didn't notice. I sighed, and opened up the door, and he fell flat onto his face. He stood, and glared at me I only shrugged as I walked off. Evan followed even though he doesn't want to. I heard him swearing under his breath, and when he got closer I hit him upside the head.
  18. ~A month later Nick's P.O.V~ (sorry for the time skip) They were back finally we waited a month, and planned. Ok I lied we didn't plan anything we were just going to go in there, and get Coal. Well Kyle wouldn't come because he can't fight we tried to train him, but no luck. Ok we got to house it was still light out agh I hate that. Zanary just shrugged, and walked over to the house I followed as Kyle waited in the car. Just imagine if this was a movie there would be epic music. I was about to actually start playing music, but I left my phone in car, so I guess I can't. I looked over at Zanary who dipped his head slightly. We climbed up onto the roof, and climbed down the chimney kinda like santa. Great, just great.
  19. ~Zanary's P.O.V~ We made it down the chimney I already know what Nick is thinking even if I can't read mind's. I grabbed my sword, and Nick followed suit. I carefully walked through the house, and to where I heard talking. Darren's, and Coal's Obviously. I came behind Darren, and Coal had horror struken on her face. So unlike her, Darren must have put a memory erasing spell on her. I stabbed my sword through his shoulder. Easy so far, but not for long. Darren snapped around and jerked my sword out his shoulder, and he then stabbed it through my stomach. I'm uneffected by it, and Nick take's his chance to pin down Darren. I saw him wink, and blow a kiss to Coal. I just rolled my eyes as I removed my sword from my stomach.
  20. ~Coal's P.O.V~ Ok I'm seriously confused right now. The white haired guy stabbed the sword through Darren's heart, and I got dragged out the house, and into a midnight blue 2004 model cobra mustang. It's actually a really nice car. I got pushed into the back seat. The car sped off untill...
  21. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~CRASH~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
  22. What do you think they crashed into eh? Another car. A person. Earl. Bob. Fluffy. Mitten's. Something else.
  23. Who do you like?

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