Never Alone (Part 6)

Welcome to part 6 of Never Alone I really hope you liked I worked hard on this part.

Created by: xbox360fan

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  1. I hoped it wouldn't notice me as I jumped back I didn't know if it was a something/someone. I stayed silent as I slinked more into the shadow's as I waited for it to do something. I sighed in relief as it didn't notice me I then slowly enhanced my vision so I could see in the dark turn's out it was only a coatrack. Oh my gosh epic fail on me facepalm, anyway's I went into the kitchen, and I looked around I grabed some bacon, and cooked it I made a full cup of bacon.
  2. I went up to my room, and ate the bacon I heard yelling downstair's which sounded like "Who has BACON!!!" it kinda sounded like Kyle. I sat on my bed, and slowly ate my bacon as I'm lost deep in thought as well. I hooked my Ipod up to some speaker's, and I played the song Dirt Little Secret's by All American Reject's.
  3. I winded up falling asleep again from eating to much bacon although it was amazing. I had no dream's what so ever, and I was glad that I didn't mainly because when I have dream's they become nightmare's no they become worse then nightmare's.
  4. I woke up to a blinding light, and I jumped awake, and looked around. Nothing was there except the sun shineing threw my window. I sighed in relief as i stood up, but didn't bother leaving my room. I then grabbed my pillow, and I hugged it tightly as I brought my knees up to my chest I trembled realising that I did have a dream. The guy's would try getting me out of my room, but each time I would refuse as I sat there staring at the wall remembering the dream.
  5. ~The Dream~ I woke up walking; or rather I realized what was going on as I walked. My sore feet hitting the ground, every cold slap hurting me…oddly I felt use to it. I walked and walked, every ounce in my body told me not to stop and not to turn back. I was so scared my stomach hurt. I looked down at the gashes on my legs, the dried blood, bandages, burning muscles….wait…burning muscles!? I had to stop at that point…my head and my gut screamed and scratched at my mind telling me to keep going but I didn’t see the girl so I felt it was alright to stop. I slowly unwrapped the bandage on my arm; blood began dripping to the floor as I saw my muscles, veins, even a piece of my bone. Seeing my arm was missing its skin I cringed and gagged at the sight. Then a familiar deep voice echoed from behind me, “You revealed your arm I see….” He laughed as his cold voice got closer. My whole body screamed and cried for me to run for my life…but I just couldn’t move. “I told you we needed to finish the operation, why did you run off.” He seemed louder and big, his breath was on my ear. I felt a lump in my throat and every ounce of fear watch over my body. “I told you, you can trust me…I’m a doctor after all.” That comment made me flinch, “Glad your reactions are still in order…now let’s get back.” I wanted to shake my head, I wanted to scream, cry, run. He made me sick and I hated it. Then I shut my eyes tightly and he dragged me away. He took me to an abandoned warehouse and strapped me down on a table. “You deserve a punishment for running off…” he picked up a buzz saw and whipped off the blade. “Let’s take those adventurous feet away shall we?” he laughed darkly. I shook my head and screamed as the saw got closer to my ankles. “Ah~ah~aaaaah…you were the bad girl here.” He slowly lowered the saw on my ankle ripping the flesh, muscle, veins, nerves, and bone apart. I screamed loud enough for me to lose my voice and long enough for my stomach to hurt. He only stood and laughed watching me squirm under the restraints. Once both of my feet were gone he put my table on a track, there was a larger saw just down the way. “Tsk tsk tsk…” he turned it on and I slowly moved towards it, “and I really liked this one too…” he mumbled picking up and sledge hammer and following me down the track. I squirmed and pulled against the restraints again. I saw the girl not that far away, this time she was crying and screaming for him to stop…instead of laughing and watching peacefully. I was too transfixed on her I didn’t realize how close I was to the blade until it started ripping at my body. I wanted to scream at the pains that were too painful to describe. “Maybe I will keep her voice box….” The man mumbled bringing the hammer down on my face crushing my skull as the blades ripped up my torso…
  6. ~Real Time~ They kept trying to get me out my room, but I just stayed there rocking back, and fourth with my knees up to my chest, and me hugging my knees. Honestly I wished my life would end soon.
  7. I never moved from that one spot I just stayed there staring at the wall the guys soon gave up, and left me alone. I shook in fear that this could become real I knew though it shouldn't, but yet I thought it would. I'm so horrified right now, and I don't know what to do.
  8. Ok well I hoped you liked this part I worked hard on it. Who do you like?
  9. Well bye
  10. Ok, now bye

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