whats your HG life in the arena? part 2

Ever heard of the Hunger Games? Of course you have. Well here is part 2 of my three part HG arena life. Still thinking of doing the boys... well here is Risa, Lisini, Nira, and Cali

Here you can find out your characters district, male counterparts, allences, even how you died. All them die in this one, to find the victor, you have to search part one or three...

Created by: KatnissE2

  1. you are picked for the reaping. would anyone get you out?
  2. in training, what is the first station you go to?
  3. Its time for the interviews, and your stylest is letting you pick the color. What do you pick?
  4. Let the games begin! Ally, weapon, run, or careers?
  5. City ruins, mountains, field, or plains?
  6. Do you become Ally's with the strongest, the youngest, or what?
  7. Careers attack! Assuming you are not a career, what do you do?
  8. Roleplay time!!!!
  9. Color?
  10. Fate!!!

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Quiz topic: Whats my HG life in the arena? part 2