Never Alone (Part 8)

Hello, and welcome to part 8 of "Never Alone" I hope you like beacause I worked on this for friggin to hour's. If you don't then you don't I can't change you're mind.

Hello, and welcome to part 8 of "Never Alone" I hope you like beacause I worked on this for friggin to hour's. If you don't then you don't I can't change you're mind

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  1. I hopped off Prince's back, and I looked around for an escape route. Let's see where to there are three way's one to the right, one to the left, and one to the middle. I thought for a moment wondering which one I should use.
  2. I chose the middle. When I entered the middle route I could see that wall's were made out of pure gold. Awesome sauce maybe if I got some of the gold I could make me a new weapon. All I would have to do is get something for the blade, then melt down the gold, and put it in shape as a handle. Doesn't sound to hard if only I could grab the gold now, but after watching to many Indian Jone's, and certain Pirate (Not Pirate's Of The Caribbean) movie's I thought if I touched the gold the cave would collapse.
  3. I sighed, and continued walking I'm both bored, and confuzled. My friggin life is messed up I really wish I could kill myself going back to that I could have someone kill me, but that person would get my power's. Darn I can't do that to a mortal, but maybe just maybe an immortal. I wonder if I could actually pay an immortal to kill me It's highly unlikely that I could most immortal's would rather keep the power's they have now damn it.
  4. If only I knew where this cave led to. I stopped, and looked around what the hell It's a dead end in. Again damn it. I scratched my head, and turned back to where I came I hate when this happen's I just hate retracing my step's.
  5. I reached back to where I came I from, and saw the cave entrance was still closed I went to the path on the right this time the cave wall's were sapphire (blue of course) I thought for a moment, and I walked down the path another dead end gah I hate this I hate dead end's.
  6. I headed back, and went to the one to the left strangely the wall was made out of coal (ironic right?) I followed the path the coal's being black of course it was pitch black no light no nothing until I saw a light at the end of the cave, and I ran toward's it faster then any immortal known I stopped, but it wasn't an exit. I looked at it closely, and what I saw was this. It was three thing's a necklace that had a golden pendant on it with these word's carved into it "Trust No One Coal" it said. I blinked a few time's before looking at the second item it was also a necklace except it a had blue sapphire pendant that was put in a silver dog tag it filled up the space of the dog tag both on the back, and front on the front side behind the sapphire (it was see through by the way) it said "Only trust those who you love Coal" and on the back side it said "And those who you know will care for you Coal". The last item was a ring with a Coal in the middle of it, and the word's on it said "Remember this you are 'Never Alone' I will be here for you my child when you most need it Coal"
  7. I sighed, and put the two necklace's around my neck why do I have so many necklace's I have at least five around my neck there are my dad's, and grandpa's army dog tag's, and then there's the two new necklace's, and then there's my necklace that has a sterling silver wolf paw shaped pendant on it. I put the ring on my right pointer finger I had other ring's on as well, and a glove (Kinda like how Captain Jack Sparrow's ring's, and glove are in the movie).
  8. I sighed, and walked back the cave door was no opened. I walked out, and looked around the Prince, and the other animal's weren't there anymore, and is was quiet to quiet. I made my way back carefully, but stopped when I heard something following me.
  9. I turned around only to see Avery I tilted my head to the side in confusion either he want's something from me, or he want's to get his ass beat. I sighed, and cracked my knuckle's waiting for an explantion to why he is following me "Ok look Coal I'm sorry" Avery said he actually looked as if he was sorry I had to admit he was cute when he wasn't attacking me.
  10. ~Avery's P.O.V earlyer today~ I knew I had to say sorry, but It's hard because of what I am, and what she is. I went to her room, and saw she wasn't there I instantly knew my ex-girlfriend Faith had taken her. Why is she jealous she broke up with me, plus she has Darren now. I know where Faith is she live's right outside New York City if I can contact my friend that live's in NYC maybe I can have her teleport Coal back. I hate to say this, but I kinda- no I can't say it I just can't.
  11. ~Avery's P.O.V Now~ I see that it worked now I need to find a way to thank Ciara (Avery's friend I'm trying not to name the other girl's after boy's lol's). I told her I was sorry she had on the most confused face ever after I said sorry I guess she wasn't expecting that from me. Oh well I'm used to it. "I... I... um... gu... guess... I wi... will... be... go... going" Coal stuttered. I hate to admit this, but Coal is cute.
  12. ~My P.O.V~ After I said that I started to walk off, but Avery grabed my arm I didn't resist because it could cause another fight. "Do you accept my apology?" Avery asked I sighed, and noded my head Avery smiled, and hugged me tightly "Squezing not breathing" I said with a shocked expression he let go "Sorry..." he mumbled
  13. I examing him to make sure this was the real Avery. A girl around my age appeared out of no where behind him she had long light brown wavy hair, and sea foam green eyes I felt kinda jealous to because she hugged him from behind(that's Faith by the way). Avery quickly pulled away from the hug, and he growled no wait he didn't growl he like snarled "What are you doing here Faith" he said coldly.
  14. ~Avery's P.O.V~ I got hugged from behind I knew it was Faith. I looked at Coal, and saw a hint of jealousy in her eyes I smiled on the inside, but I snarled at Faith as I got out of hug "What are you doing here Faith" I said coldly she just smirked I then saw Darren who looked like he was going to snap maybe because Faith still like's me? I don't know.
  15. ~Faith's P.O.V~ That b**ch she stole Avery from me just because I left him for Darren doesn't mean I don't still like Avery. I looked at the girl she had long white hair with golden highlight's, and golden eyes she was wearing all black I may have kidnapped her, but Darren did all the work so I never got a good look at her. I then looked at Darren, Darren looked the same as he alway's did his golden brown flippy hair, and emerald green eyes, but I don't like him as much as Avery. The girl seemed to be jealous, and I smirked knowing I could easyly make it seem like Avery kisses me this will be good.
  16. ~My P.O.V~ I don't know what just happened Avery leaned in, and kissed her, and he never pulled away I just realised it, but I was crying when I noticed this I ran the guy that was with Faith seemed as if he was about to kill Avery, but as I ran past him "Please... don't hurt him" I whispered I then continued to run to the cave again, and I sat down under a tree, and brought my knees up to my chest as I cryed. This can't be happening I'm devolping feeling's for Avery, and the guy's.
  17. ~Darren's P.O.V~ I can't believe he did that. I was about to attack him as a girl ran past me "Please... don't hurt him" she whispered how on earth could she tell me NOT to hurt him. I smirked as I got an idea brainwash her, and make her become my girlfriend, but the only memory's she would have is of her power's.
  18. ~My P.O.V~ I saw the guy walk over to me, and he crouched down beside me, and gave me something to drink (the memory erasing spell by the way is the potion) I sighed softly, and I drank it not wanting to be rude, but that's when I lost all my memory, and passed out. ~Darren's P.O.V~ It worked good good now all I have to do is take her to my home state which is Californa she should love it there since I'm rich, but she will also have to go to school oh well what a shame.
  19. ~Two Week's Later My P.O.V~ (Already think Darren is your boyfriend, and you live with him, and his family) I woke up, and smiled I took a quick a shower, and put on a pair of dark blue jean short short's, and a pale pink short sleeved tight shirt, and a pair of golden gladiator sandal's. I brushed, and dryed my hair putting it in a side braid over my right shoulder (let's just say Darren found a way to hide the scar on your face).
  20. I walked downstair's, and Darren greeted me with a peck on the lip's. He then gave me my breakfest which was a gourmet omelet (I wish I could have a gourmet omelet lol's) I smiled, and ate it before I knew it, it was time for school I walked to Darren's yellow, and black 2010 Chevy Camaro (bumblebee style from transformer's) I got in the passagner seat while Darren got in the driver's seat he drove to school, and I listened to the song Crocidile Rock by Elton John. I sung along to it while Darren laughed at my sillyness we arrived to school, and we walked hand in hand into the school Darren had got his way to where we get each class together, and sit next to each other.
  21. ~A Month Later~ It was my eighteenth birthday, but I have had been having strange dream's of whih I didn't want Darren to know about. Darren was about to give me my present's when five guy's showed up, and started to beat the hell out of Darren. I was to shocked to say anything these were the guy's in my dream's the one that told me his name was Nick winked at me, and blew me a kiss. I was still to shocked to move.
  22. Have to end it there I've been working on this part for frigging two hour's lol's. Hope ya liked it, and who do you like?
  23. Oh, and if you have any idea's or tip's then e-mail me at crystal.mctyre@ no space's, but there is a dot yes there is.

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