Mortal Kombat:Who Are You Part 2

Welcome to part two of Mortal Kombat: Who are you! For way more information scroll down.

So this is part two of Mortal Kombat: Who Are You. It's basically the same thing as part one just a cast of result characters. Please have fun! Bye dudes!

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do your ancestors give you strength?
  2. Do people fear you?
  3. Do you do things the "hard way"?
  4. Do you like people to bring it in a fight?
  5. Would you kill a Lin-Kuei?
  6. Would you take a soul?
  7. Do you want Wolverine's claws?
  8. Do you want hookswords?
  9. Would you use thunder as a weapon?
  10. Do you want a servant?

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Quiz topic: Mortal Kombat:Who am I Part 2