Which Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance character are you?

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Like all of the Mortal Kombat games, Deadly Alliance focuses heavily on its fighting modes. The gameplay is regarded as a full "reboot" of the gameplay style of the franchise. It is credited with reviving the Mortal Kombat series. Different from its predecessors, each character now possesses three individual fighting styles[2] consisting of two martial arts and one weapon (excepting Blaze and Mokap, who received three martial arts and no weapon) which players can switch between with the push of a button. In previous games, aside from "dial-a-combos" all the characters fought virtually identically, with only special moves to differentiate them. The number of special moves per character (usable in any fighting style) has also been reduced, varying only from two to four for most, thus forcing the player to make use of the improved fighting system. Running, as well as the running meter, have been dropped. However, while still limited to only moving into the background and foreground, movement in the third dimension is much easier and can be used continuously (in Mortal Kombat 4, one sidestep could be performed at a rate of about one a second). To prevent fighters from leaving the arena, invisible "energy walls" appear when a fighter is knocked against the edge.

Characters models are now more realistic. Flesh will move or jiggle on a character as he or she moves around. Environmental interaction is present, but infrequent. Several levels include obstacles - such as pillars or statues - that can be shattered to damage an opponent standing behind one. There is just one Fatality per character, while the previous games included many ways to finish the opponent. It is also the only Mortal Kombat game to date that does not includes Stage Fatalities, although the Acid Bath level still possesses special acid-vomiting statues called Acid Buddhas that does damage directly to fighters that stay too close.

Created by: Sub Zero
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  1. Are you good or evil?
  2. Who is your favorite MK kombatant out of these?
  3. Is Shang Tsung good, or evil?
  4. Is Quan Chi good or evil?
  5. Is Bo' Rai Cho good or evil?
  6. Is Sonya Blade good or evil?
  7. Is Li Mei good or evil?
  8. Are you a MK fan? (No effect)
  9. Rate? (No effect)
  10. Comment? (No effect)

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Quiz topic: Which Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance character am I?