Never Alone (Part 11)

Hello and welcome to part 11 of Never Alone. I hope you like this part.

Kyle: Black hair, purple eyes, nice, kind. Nick: Blonde hair, blue eyes, nice, slightly protective. Zanary: White hair, mouse grey eyes, mysterious. Avery: Red hair, grey eyes, anger issues, rarely nice but can actually be nice. Evan: Brown hair, blue eyes, nice, protective. Arrow: Shaggy white hair with natural golden highlights, golden eyes, nice, goofball. Coal: Long white hair with natural golden highlights, golden eyes, nice, smart, and quiet.

Created by: xbox360fan

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  1. I was trying to find a reasonable explanation as to why our last names are the same. So far I haven’t come up with anything. Sigh maybe, just maybe he could be my brother but why didn’t anyone say anything? I’m going to have to find out more about this kid before I can jump to conclusions though. “Arrow” I said calmly “ya?” he said while looking up from a book “what is your father’s name?” I asked. “Oh, I never knew my father” Arrow said “Oh, ok. What about your mother’s name?” I asked. He looked at me for a second to see what I’m thinking of and he sighed “her name was Rose Walker why?” he asked.
  2. My eyes instantly widened as I heard this “did I hear you correctly” I said he just simply nodded. “That’s my mom’s name” I said my voice becoming cold as ice since I had a dream of what she did to me “oh?” he said confused “tell me has she ever beat you?” I asked. He looked at me but nodded “do you have any scars?” I asked “on my back…” he said “let me see” I replied. He nodded and turned around lifting up his shirt the sight of his back disgusted me. There was a scar going down all the way down his back where his spine was located then there were scars that traced the backside of his ribs on his back. He put his shirt back down and looked at me for a reaction “she beat me to…” I said my voice turning cold as ice again “can I see your scars” Arrow asked. I sighed and nodded and got some cleaner to where I could wipe off my face which still had that stuff on it to cover up the scar. I then wiped my face off and let Arrow see the scar, Arrows eyes widened as he saw this “are you ok” he asked I nodded my head.
  3. “Oh, Arrow how did you get those bite marks on your neck?” I asked “I had this weird dream” he simply responded “Oh, well that’s how I got these” I said. I moved my hair so he could see my neck “I wanted to know because I got these in a dream” I said. Arrow narrowed his eyes as if trying to debate something in his head “wait since we both got bit in a dream what would that mean?” he asked “I don’t know…” I responded. I then started to explain to him what my dream was, as I finished telling him the most important details he looked at me as if something struck him. “What is it?” I asked “it’s just that I had the same dream a couple days ago except it my left eye not right” he said.
  4. We started to talk about logical explanations that could have been the reason why. We stopped talking about once this red haired guy came in. He’s one of the ones from my dream; I just can’t remember his name. I know it starts with an ‘A’ though. I looked at him trying to figure out his name while Arrow tried to start conversation with him. “What’s this about a dream and who the hell is that” the red head seemed to growl, and looked towards Arrow. “That’s Arrow… and nothing about a dream it’s nothing… by the way what is your name?” I asked. “My name is Avery…” the red head said “oh, ok then” I replied. “Now tell me about this dream…” Avery said “and why should I” I said “because it could mean something you moron” he growled. I rolled my eyes and looked at Arrow. Arrow just shrugged and I looked back at Avery “how about this get out of my room” I snarled. “For one were going to the store anyways so come on” he snarled back. I rolled my eyes again and followed him while Arrow trailed behind me.
  5. We got in this old Chevy Lifted Van. We headed to the Augusta Mall. I watched the cars and scenery pass by as I waited to get there. I got bored so I plugged in headphones into my Droid Razor by Motorola listened to the song Sandman by Metallica (look it up if you never heard it before). I was so caught up in the song that I didn’t notice we were at the mall yet. Avery threw Kyle’s book at my head. I groaned and rubbed the side of my head while glaring at him. He just simply smirked and if I wanted to I could slap that smirk right off his face. I was the last one out the car and I put my phone and headphones in my pocket.
  6. Once we got into the mall me and Arrow followed the guys looking like lost puppies. I don’t like it when I have to shop, it annoys me to death because you have to do all this walking for only food and maybe clothes etc. Something caught my attention as I smelled something that smelt like human blood, Arrow seemed to notice it to because we both stopped to find the source. Since we got bitten but not killed we were becoming half vampire and I know something is going to go bad let’s say maybe in a couple of seconds. We found the source and it was a young boy about five or six with what looked like a ten year old girl. Where the hell is their mother? I was the first one to get there the young boy had the better smelling blood so I went after him but I didn’t take him at first I used my words. “Hello” I said while examining the young boy “can we help you” the girl snapped. Attitude this one has doesn’t she. I just grinned “I would actually like to lead you outside I happened to find your mother looking for you” I said this time more cruelly.
  7. The girl seemed to be in deep thought off whether she should go or not. While the young boy just ran over to me with begging eyes. He was so adorable and I can’t just kill him, so the girl it is. The girl didn’t even look related to the boy. I picked the young boy up and carried him outside while the girl followed. Once we got outside I saw a body on the ground and mentally face palmed myself as I knew it was the mother because the blood smelled the same as the young boy’s blood. I knew arrow had attacked her. So I carefully set the boy down and whispered something in his ear. He then ran off to go get something while I looked at the girl and smiled cruelly my fangs coming out they were six inches long on the bottom and five inches long on the top. The girls eyes widened in fright as she yelled “vampire!” I smiled even more cruelly and picked her up and bit her neck causing her to stop screaming. I then drank all her blood until she was pale and limp. I dropped her body and wiped the blood off my fangs as the disappeared.
  8. I walked off to find the young boy holding this giant cupcake from this cupcake cart called the Cupcake Factory. I grinned and picked him up while opening the box and letting him have the cupcake. I then went to find the guys and I found Arrow in the back of a shoe store. He had his knees to his chest and his eyes were widened as he muttered he was a killer over and over again. I sighed “come on Arrow time to go” I said he just simply nodded and stood following me to find the guys. We found the guys outside investigating the bodies. Crap if they find out me and Arrow did this we are so dead.
  9. “Hey guys” I said “oh, hi Coal… Wait who’s that?” Evan asked looking at the boy I was carrying. “I don’t know…” I said I looked at the boy “what’s your name” I asked “Shallow” he responded. I nodded my head “um… so what’s with the body’s” I asked a little too nervously. Somehow I must have regained my memory from drinking that blood and I mean all my memory. Kyle examined my behavior and his eyes widened instantly “Coal, Arrow… Tell me you didn’t do this” Kyle said. I took a step back and Arrow followed my movement since he was behind me “no…” I said hesitantly “yes you did” Avery growled. Uh-oh I have a bad feeling about this Avery lunged towards me and Arrow but mostly me. I quickly handed Shallow to Arrow.
  10. I dodged easily and quickly and grabbed Avery by the neck dragging him away from Arrow and shallow. I don’t care what anyone says I’m more attached to Shallow than anyone else and I’ll protect him with my life if I have to. My wings came out and so did my fangs. Shallow was frightened so he dug his face into Arrows chest. Avery then got out of my grip and punched me in the stomach I grunted in response and used air elemental to send him into the side of the mall. People were watching I guess they thought it was some stunt for a movie or whatever. This time I’m the one that lunged and rammed into him causing him to go through the wall this time. Before I could do anything else I was being held back by the other guys.
  11. “Enough you two, Coal and Arrow you take Shallow with you and don’t ever come back to us…” Kyle said. My eyes widened and fire started to spread around my body.
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