Name that PBS Kids character!

This quiz features characters from the quality childrens television station PBS Kids. You can try to use the clues to find out what character I'm describing.

Give it a shot. I know you can do it. Just try your best. Its a good quiz, I think. If you disagree, just comment. And please rate my quiz as well. Thank you!

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. She's Smart, pretty and from outer space? Heres a hint: She has a double life as a superhero with a monkey sidekick
  2. A talking dog?!
  3. An average kid with glasses, two little sisters, and a dog.
  4. The youngest member of the lion family on "Between The Lions".
  5. Big, yellow feathered friend
  6. The Fetch game show host
  7. A very curious little monkey.
  8. A purple, round duck.
  9. He's that famous purple dinosaur:
  10. The t-rex living in a pteranadon family(Dinosaur Train)
  11. Chris Kratts brother(Wild Kratts)
  12. On "The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That", who are the two kids who go on adventures?

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