Mystery Solvers 8

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Sorry for this being the last mystery solvers. I hoped you liked all of them. Dont worry im making a new quiz. And i want you ideas. Thanks so much again.

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. You open the door and it's Ross!? "Hey" you say. "Hi" he says. "I think we should talk" you says.
  2. "Alex kissed me...and I was.... raped pregnant" you say with tears.
  3. He gets up and heads for the door. "You raped me! Why are you leaving?!! I hate you! Why would you do this!?" you yell.
  4. He puts on a gun and puts it to his head. "I killed your parnets! I wanted to kill Erin for breaken us up! I hated you for breaking up with me! Hunter i love you!" he yells. "Put the gun down Ross!" you yell. "Your not listening are you? I said i love you!" he yells. "I love you too" you say with tears in your eyes.
  5. You and Ross kiss then you hear a gun go off. Alex shout Ross!!!!!!!
  6. He falls to the ground laying lifeless. "You b****!" you yell. "If i cant have you no one can!" she yells.
  7. Erin pulls a knife out and cuts your arm. "Back off Alex she mine" she says. "No she's mine." Erin swings the knife wildly at Alex. Alex points the gun at Erin but before she shouts her,Erin kicks the gun in the air.
  8. While they fight, you remember that you called Juilius. Just in time, he pulled up in the driveway. "Hunter what happened to you?" he ask. "Nothing we need to get Ross to a hospital." you say.
  9. You drive to the hospital. Ross is going to be fine.
  10. Well everything turned out fine. I think? You finally know what happen to your parnets. And oh yeah alex and erin, well after fighting they really liked each other and started dating. And 9 in a half months later you give birth to a baby girl named Rue.
  11. Well this has been the last mystery solvers.
  12. Bye, oh before i go im make a new quiz. And i have no idea what to call it or what it's about. So if you have any ideas of your own please put them in the comments. Ok bye

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