Are You A Poser? (Based off my experience)

This quiz is about how emo you are. (Based off of my experience.) This is my first quiz so dont hate. This quiz took me awhile to make so I hope its good. I have to put more text in this thing to post this quiz sorrryyyy!

Please comment what you get and if I did good or not. Im sorry that I have to make this so long because it wont lwt me post it if I dont do this and I want it to post already!

Created by: XxLeaveMeAlonexX

  1. Whats your favorite band?
  2. What type of cloths do you wear?
  3. What kind of hair style do you have?
  4. Do you cut your wrist or have you cut it in the last?
  5. Do you like being alone or with friends?
  6. How many friends do you have?
  7. Makeup?
  8. How many hours are you on your phone playing music a day?
  9. Is your hair dyed?
  10. Last one! did u like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Poser? (Based off my experience)