Mystery Solvers 6

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Can you guess what happens next? You won't believe what will happen in part 7. Will you ever get the answer you want? So many questions very little time.

Created by: magicmovement

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  1. She's gone! All you see is a trail of blood. Should you follow it?
  2. You decide to go anyway. That's werid it stops at the door. You look out the window and you see someone get into a car. Wait there wearing heels. It's girl.
  3. You fell a sharp pain in your shoulder. You look over and your shocked of what you see.
  4. You just be stabbed. You turn around and you see...
  5. It's Erin! She was your best friend then she kissed Ross. That's why you and ross break up.
  6. She has long dark brown hair. With nice shining hazel eyes.
  7. "Where's Alex?" you say in pain. "Oh Hunter you don't get it do you." she says. "Get what?" you ask. "I loved you and no i will kill everyone that gets in my way." she say. "Then why did you kiss Ross?" you ask. "Well i wanted you two apart. So i can have you." she says.
  8. "Now it's your turn." she says. She pulls you in and kisses you. "Im sorry Hunter." she says. She pulls out a gun.
  9. Then you heard a gun go off. You look down you didn't get shout. Who did?
  10. Find out in Mystery Solvers 7.

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