Mysterious Killer

I'm getting bored. Try this dumm quiz! It makes abolutily no sense at all just how I spelled that word! THe higher you score... bohoo! This quiz is not for you.

Don't listen to any thing I say! DOn't take this quiz under any circumstances. I warn you, there may be hard feelings. The alarm in you house will come of if you take it.

Created by: amazon
  1. Most creative way to kill Brittney Spears?
  2. How about Hannah Montana?
  3. The Jonas Brothers meet their doom!
  4. This one won't count. Unicorns?
  5. A WW1 plane in the sky holds your worst enemies.
  6. Let's start being nice. What would you do to LINKIN PARK
  7. I said nice.
  8. This question will be a bunch of jubberish. They will effect your score. Chose wisely
  9. ...
  10. What do you do to your enemies in life

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