My Shout Out Quiz

You are all great peeps, but I decided to highlight a few special ones who have impacted me. hfudayfuisajhfjdshfiSJHhgduhslsdfdhkgjdskgse4839iofhyer879rf


Created by: JustAPerson

  1. Alleria, you have made me feel better about myself and are a great friend.
  2. Tiye, thanks for teaching me a few of the darker aspects of life
  3. Anime, You have shown me im not alone
  4. McQueen/Keturah, you have added lots of lol moments with everything and thx for being totes epic!
  5. DCGirl, thx for telling me how to get my profile image
  6. Kish, this isn't so much an acknowledgement and thanks, but sorry for being a jerk
  7. Thanks for taking!
  8. will you comment?
  9. Rate?
  10. Were you mentioned? I will do another when im 2 lvls up
  11. oh I almost forgot! Thank you for being awesome meep da first.

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