60 years without you Part 3

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Hello every one :) thank you for coming and taking my quiz. Lets pick up from were we left you and william were about to kiss when some one burst through the window.

Very special shout outs to Alleria and Dancingflame thank you both for taking my quiz:). Not many people are taking my quiz and I am afraid that I will have to stop making this series if only one or two people take it. Please every one that takes my quiz tell other people about it I will really appreciate it. Thank you Alleria for following the series since the begining. Thanks again to Dancingflame and Alleria.

Created by: Avenger16

  1. Ha I told you that I would be back viel said. I quickly got away from williams arms. What are you doing here in my room william asked viel
  2. That doesnt matter viel replied. What I would like to know is what she is doing in "your room. What do you care you are the one that should get going unless you want me to call security.
  3. What you think I fear security gaurds just like the rest of my friends well you are wrong I dont viel told william. Suddenly william punched viel in the face viel fell to the floor in surprise.
  4. Ha is that all you got viel asked. Viel stood up brushed himself of and said aww the little boy thinks he is so manly so he punches me. You know you are hidding your true instincts william.
  5. what true instincts I ask. He is lying dont listen to him he wants to kill you so he atacks you so you will be ethier one of them or you will die
  6. Fine I will leave but I will come back. Viel then stood up and turned into a bat. I will be back.
  7. You should leave he said as you stood up he gave you a hand. Again you guys were centimeters apart unforanatly some one walked in.
  8. a tall skinny lady in a black jump suit came in and said_____ what are you doing in williams room in just pajamas and centimeters apart !!!
  9. Cliff hanger!!
  10. Bye

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