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  • What Pattern are You?
    [published: Aug 10, 2013, 3 comments]

    Don't you love patterns? I do! Each pattern has its own personality that makes it more alluring. Example:……

  • My Shout Out Quiz
    [published: Aug 08, 2013, 7 comments]

    You are all great peeps, but I decided to highlight a few special ones who have impacted me.……

  • How well do you know me 2013 version
    [published: Aug 06, 2013, 2 comments]

    I was motivated to write this quiz so I'd get out of the novice stage but I don't want to……

  • What Taylor Swift Album are You?
    [published: Aug 06, 2013, 6 comments]

    Ok so I made this quiz for Taylor Swift lovers! Down here is the.....................:::::.....……

  • What will go wrong at school?
    [published: Jul 27, 2013, 4 comments]

    Everybody has a part of school that they aren't as good at as they wish, and it will affect their……

  • Personality Quiz
    [published: Jul 02, 2013, 4 comments]

    Everyone has a personality, and it affects who you are, and those around you. It can be positive or negative,……

  • Are You Pretty?
    [published: Jul 01, 2013]

    You look at the super models in magizines and the celebs on the television. Aren't they pretty? Well, on the……

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