Are you fat quiz?

It is true that there is more overweight people and obese people in the United States. However, many teens become over conscious about their weight and it leads to destructive health, and sometimes even death. I made this quiz to hopefully convince teens that are at a healthy weight no become anorexic.

Do YOU think you are fat? Do YOU think losing a few pounds would be good for you? Take this quiz to find out. However, just remember that no quiz is an excuse for talking to your parents, doctor, and other adults you trust. Taking this quiz is the first step.

Created by: Kelly
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you ever wear a bathing suit?
  2. At the mall, trying something on you say...
  3. how many meals to you eat a day?
  4. You look down, what do you see?
  5. Clothes these days are....
  6. do you count calories?
  7. What do your friends say about your weight?
  8. Would you step on a scale in front of people and feel good about it?
  9. how many calories do you have a day?
  10. why do you think you are fat?

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