My Secrets (Part 1)

Here's a few of my secrets for every stranger on the internet to know. This was really made out of boredom, to be honest, so that's why the paragraph below makes no sense.

Pickles are good. I like cornflakes. No one likes me. I like being random. I like to sing screamo. People say I'm an odd child. I have Attention Disflict Disorder. I'm now going to stop typing. Bye! I love you!

Created by: I Forgot My Name

  1. Here are my deepest and darkest secrets. Some are terrifying, some are completely humiliating.
  2. So, my first one, I have never had my first kiss mainly because I usually am in a online relationship. I hate cheating on my significant other, but I did once in 5th grade due to my crush on a lower grader. -3-
  3. Second, I love singing, but I have stage fright BIG time...
  4. Third, I hate laying out in the sun >.> I feel like I'm on fire and it sucks.
  5. Fourth, I regret a lot of things. Like, I regret ever making my ex's cry, I regret being a snobby b---- in 3rd grade, I regret breaking up with Ben.. I regret a lot of things.
  6. Fifth, my parents don't know about my online relationships.. I've only had 2, but...
  7. Sixth, I'm starting to have dreams of my great-grandparents for some reason... It's creepy.
  8. Seventh, I weigh almost 83 pounds. I think I'm a freaking fat ass... I used to be anorexic, and I'm recovering, but I still focus on weight loss. I'm currently doing yoga and exercising to burn weight..
  9. Eighth, I'm trying to be confident, but I'm slowly progressing..
  10. Ninth, this quiz was really made out of boredom.. I hope you liked it.

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