My new quiz series is out

Umm...i have nothing to say's all in the quiz so just skip this part.It's a waste.what are you still doing here i said to skip this,so skip it .

Your still here ,for christ sake just skip this! Go on shoo ,don't waste time reading this, go start the quiz.*shoo's you away and makes you start the quiz*

Created by: jjjcutie
  1. I just made this quiz to tell you that my new quiz series is out
  2. It's called Nothing Normal.
  3. So are you going to read it?
  4. I need 12 questions so the rest is going to be a bunch of random stuff.
  5. psst...wanna hear a secret.
  6. To bad am not tellin you,but i will tell you something.
  7. i made this with my 3ds.
  8. *Spoiler alert* (this is a part 2 spoiler so if you didn't read part 1 skip the next question)
  9. I GOT YOU !!!!!! There is no spoiler.sorry. But,part 2 will be out next 2 weeks.Although i don't know exactly when.

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