Blame it on the Rain Part 6

Hey people, it's been a while since I've done quizzes but I was like, "What the heck, sounds fun." Enjoy part 6 of my series "Blame it on the Rain."

If you haven't read the first 5 then have at it and check out my other quiz series! Thanks, have fun. No one ever reads these so, really... Feel free to skip. *winks*

Created by: Caty-Scarlett
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  1. As the music lingers through the air, it haunts you in your sleep; a nightmare flashes forth in your mind. Aden is on fire in the middle of a corridor.
  2. The flames lap at his feet, trail up his arms, and his eyes glare down at you. The music still tinkles in your ear over the sound of the crackling fire.
  3. "Aden, where am I? Am I still sleeping?"
  4. "I thought they'd never leave. Katrine, don't trust Dylan. Don't trust Josh, or Annalise. NONE OF THEM."
  5. "Wha- Josh saved my life, then Dylan saved my life. YOU, brought me HERE. How can I trust YOU?"
  6. "I found you Kat. I told Josh to come and get you. And when Dylan saved you he only knew you were in trouble cause of me."
  7. "So now you tell me this? Here?! In a dark and scary place I've never been before with you who I barely even know? Or trust." "You gotta trust me, you have to," he pleaded. There was a pause and he held out his hand. "Touch me. It won't hurt, just touch me."
  8. The walls that surrounded you and Aden seemed to flicker back and forth , his light set the walls ablaze. You edge forward and your hand settles on the left side of his face.
  9. "See." He smiled slightly. "Don't you trust me?" That's when I bolt up in bed.
  10. He's gone and replaced with the sun, its cascading beams slicing your bed up in fourths.
  11. As you stretch, put on your clothes (jean shorts and a gray cami) your eyes meet with all the boys and Aden's linger on yours like you each knew something special had happened. He brushes the back of his head with his hand and the whole room sputters to life.
  12. After everyone is seated at the table with their choice of breakfast, Josh stands up from the table (Kind of as the appointed leader) and begins to speak: "We have much to cover and much to plan out." Everyone started to whisper amongst themselves, but hushed immediately out of respect for him. That's something you liked about him, his whole being oozed leadership and demanded respect. Not in the bossy way, but in the good way.
  13. "So, now that I have everyone's attention... Who's ready to go hiking?"

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