Blame it on the Rain Part 5

Hello all! Long time no see, been suffering from a story block but I hope you like it and you should read the other ones! Oh and happy early July 4th!

I really hate the paragraphs... But to fill it up I'll fill you in on the last parts of the story: If you haven't read them go read them!!! Katrine, you, were saved from an awful earthquake by a fairy named Josh, he takes you to his house you meet Annalise, Aden the fire god Ra's son, and Dylan who's a shape shifter. There was just an explosion and...

Created by: SparklyScarlett

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  1. (Your cell exploded!) What are you thinking?
  2. *Where am I...* you think. It's blindingly white and cold. You're all by your self. All you see. All you breathe. All you feel is white. White.
  3. You close your eyes and try to breathe. And think. But you cannot get past all the whiteness. Colors begin to dance behind the darkness of your closed eyes and you gasp for breath. When you re-open your eyes you're face to face with...
  4. Dylan! "I really deserve something great for saving 2 people's lives today." You're so relieved you hug him tightly. He feels cold but an ok cold. Like that feeling right before the ice cracks as Spring replaces Winter. And he smells like the first time it snows. Fresh and clean. Mezmerizing.
  5. He stiffens and the moment's gone but you could swear there was something there. Just as he broke away Josh, Aden, and Annalise come in. "Katrine! You're ok!" That was Josh. He's really excited you're ok:D Aden just stared and nodded at you with a smolder on his face. Oh yeah you could tell he's the bad boy;) Annalise had a little smile on her face and even hugged you!
  6. "Guys, I'm just curious, WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!??!!!?!?!?!?" "Ok,ok, this is a lot to handle we know but I, WE, think that you just umm..." "WHAT?!" Josh starts to sweat and stares at you. "Oh for crying out loud you just died Katrine!" That statement came from Dylan, who has an agitated expression on his face.
  7. "Ok,I need a nap and possibly an Advil for the splitting headache that's coming on!" You sit down and take a breath, Annalise holds the box, Aden wipes his hand through his hair, Josh is pacing, and Dylan just looks. At you. Through you.
  8. "So, I think it goes without saying that Katrine needs to be under 24 hour watch. I want Aden on first, everyone else go to bed. We ALL need a good night's sleep and then we'll look at the box tomorrow morning." We then all scatter out of my room (I wonder how the boys got here? It was just me and Annalise before...) until it's just me and Aden. Josh kisses me on the cheek first though and Dylan just looks at you: is there a smile in his eyes?
  9. Aden sits down on the ottoman next to the bed and smiles at you. You don't know him as well as the other guys, he's so quiet, but now seemed to be a good time. "So is your dad..." "A hot head?" You and him laugh at his corny joke and continue to joke around and talk about your lives. Soon you get sleepy and start to fall asleep and the last thing you see is Aden winding up something: he's winding up the box. The music that followed was familiar to you and the last thing you saw before you slept was his face ashine.
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