my love life part 1

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Okay...This is your love story of a lot of guys wanting to date you. this is my first real series. i hope you like it! by the way... i'm sorry if i made it too long. i had to introduce you to all the guys in order to get started. enjoy!! part 2 coming soon

here i'm going to describe all the guys. Alex-he's a little taller than you, black Gothic style hair, eyes change color, fit. sweet, mysterious Antonio-same height, brown eyes and hair, Italian looking, very sweet and funny Aaron-dark brown hair,brown eyes, fit & strong, funny,protective,nice andrew-very strong, fit,black hair and eyes, mean to you, you'r boyfriend brad-grey eyes, dyed white hair, fit,sweet,caring, funny,very good friend

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  1. *honk honk* it's Andrew. he's waiting outside while you'r getting ready for school. "hold on Andrew!" You yell, " I'm getting my stuff!" "Oh, come on Jules!" Andrew yells from outside his window, "I can't get another late detention! I'll get kicked off the team!" he shouted as you ran down you'r house stairs. you grabbed an apple from the kitchen and ran into his small, beat down truck. " jeez Andrew, do you have to rush me out of the house every day?" you ask in an annoyed tone. "yes!" he shouts as he drives off quickly in his truck.
  2. the drive there was quiet. he pulled into a parking spot and you two walked there. you both sighed as you started walking towards the school. "second week at school as a sophomore and i got a jerk of a boyfriend." you mumbled to yourself as you walked ahead of Andrew. "excuse me? did you just say that?!" he yelled.
  3. "oh no" you thought to yourself. you just kept quiet and kept on walking. you looked around the parking lot and nobody was there except for you and Andrew. "crap" you whispered to yourself. nobody was there to stop him in case he did something stupid.(he has a bed temper.) you still have an hour left until the bell rings and Andrew has football practice in 5 minutes. he caught up with you and stepped in front of you.
  4. You looked down at the black, clobbered ground. "look at me." he said quietly but angrily. You slowly looked up at his pitch black eyes. *SLAP* next thing you know, your cheek is burning, your eyes are tearing up, and your facing a different side. Andrew then puts his arm around your waste and and walks you to the football field.
  5. You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. "yeah whatever" is all he says and you rush off. you can't help it but cry. that slap really hurt. your running to dry your tears and you decided to look back. " yess nobody is following me." you say to yourself. you then look back in front of you when...*BAM* you crashed into someone. you fall on your butt, your books are all over the floor and you look up to see...
  6. "hey Julie!" its Aaron. "o crap Jules i'm so sorry." he looks down at you and helps you pick up you'r books. you want to say something so you say,"thanks Aaron umm... i gotta go". you hoped that didnt sound like you were crying but it came out a little shaky.
  7. as he helped you up along with you books, he flipped his dark brown hair out of his gorgeous brown eyes and he frowned. "what's wrong? why are you crying? i didn't hurt you, did I?" "no," you answer timidly, "it wasn't you. im fine." you then try to walk away when he grabs your arm and says," it's Andrew isn't it? what did he do to you now? oh i'm going to kill him if he did anything to you." he says angrily. "no!" you shout at him. "trust me, im fine! im just going to clean up my eyes." then you walk away on to the nearest restroom. you turn back to him and you find out to see that he was headed out to his friends' table and they all got up and headed out to the field.
  8. "Oh no," you worry in your mind,"Andrew is going to kill him!" you finally get to the bathroom and turn to see yourself in the mirror. your hair is messed up, you'r eyes are red and you'r face is all pink and a little puffy. you got a wet paper towel and gently dabbed your eyes(i've cried in school alot cuz the guy i like kept putting me down so i know what i'm doing with the paper towel). you fixed your hair and left the bathroom. you drank some water and in case you missed something, if anyone asked, you thought of a excuse like," i'm still half asleep." you were on you'r way back to the gym when you noticed Aaron coming towards you.
  9. he looked fine. you ran up to him and asked,"Are you okay? did he do anything to you?" he smiled at you but his eyes were filled with worry. he replied," the coach said that nobody was allowed in the field since the guys were practicing. The real question anyway, is are you okay? you looked sad. don't gotta worry now. you look as beautiful as you ever could." his eyes light up and he pulled up you're hand and gave it a soft kiss with his soft lips. you just melted inside. then someone comes up to you two.
  10. Alex. he is a little taller than you and he has black goth hair. you don't really notice the real color of his eyes because sometimes his hair is covering them and they usually change colors. he is very sweet to you but he can be rude and just leave without an explanation. "hello beautiful," he said as he came up to you and smiled. he looked at Aaron and said," hello...Aaron...again." but this time in an awkward tone. you blush at his eyes because this time they're purple. then Aaron smiles at him and said, "Hey Alex." very casually. Alex looked at you and said, "how are you this morning?" you looked up at Aaron and he was frowning at you. his eyes were full of hate and you acted casual and said, "fine. you?" Alex smiled at you and said, "im a little hungry. i'll see you guys later. gotta get something to eat. later!" he says as he waved goodbye and headed to the cafeteria.
  11. Aaron looked at you and said "smooth liar, aren't you?" you smile at him and you said," i'm gonna head out to find Catarina and Belinda. see you later Aaron. thank you." he frowns then smiles and waves goodbye as you turn to walk away.
  12. you smile and wave then you turn to look at where you're walking. you look around for a while seeing if you could find catarina and belinda(who are your best friends) then you notice someone walking towards you at the corner of your eye. you turn around and see brad. he's average height like you and he has grey eyes. you remember last year he had blonde hair but then you see his hair is white and he looks sad. you walk up to him and smile. "hey brad, what's up?" you ask trying to cheer him up. he looked up at you and said,"hi Jule, i'm fine it's just that my dad got a new job...again. i don't want to leave again. this is my birth state." he replies. you just got a great idea and you said,"hey here's an idea," you start," how about you ask you're parents if you could stay here you know? rent an apartment for yourself. i know your parents... they'll trust you enough to leave you alone. plus it'll give you a glimpse of real life." his eyes light up and grows a wide grin. he picks you up and gives you a big hug while spinning you and when he puts you down again, you almost fall but he catches you.he then says, "you'r a genius Julia! i'll do that right now" and he takes out his phone. then you say,"wait, can i ask you something first?" "Sure" he says. "When did you dye you'r hair white? and why?" you asked. " oh," he says laughing. "haha well i don't know's my favorite color and i was messing with one of my pictures on Photoshop one day so i made my hair white on it. it looked pretty cool so i just dyed it white. you like?" he explained. you laugh a little and reply," yeah, you look cool." then you both said goodbye and went you'r separate ways. you finally find Catarina and Belinda (who are also twins but different personalities)but you realize you have 20 minutes 'till 1st period.
  13. you three start walking to your lockers (that are all in the same row) and start talking.( Catarina's nickname is Cat,Belinda's is Bell or bells, your's is Jule). Cat starts the conversation by saying,"hey Jule, did you meet the new guy?" you wonder about who she is talking about and say,"no. there's a new guy?" "Oh well i hear he is a new guy from Italy and he has a sweet Italian accent. his name is Antonio something. i think he has 1st period with you Jule." you blush at the thought of a cute new Italian guy sitting near you in Art. You smoothly say, "Well, i guess i'll just have to meet him in Art. I hope he can paint flowers because that's what Mrs. Leone is making us paint today."
  14. you get in art and meet Antonio. he is your same height, has brown eyes as well as his hair and he is really cute. every time he talks to you, his accent makes you melt inside and you blush into a bright red. he was a great artist and he sometimes took your hand at helping you with the lining in the flower pedals.
  15. class ends and he wanted to walk you to class. you completely forgetting about Andrew, accept. you get to Algebra and you feel a hard tap on your shoulder. you turn around and you find to see....CLIFFHANGER!!!

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