My first shoutout quiz!

I have been on GTQ for almost three weeks and have made a lot of friends. So at the prodding of more than one of those friends, I decided to make a shoutout quiz.

So here it is. I hope you all enjoy it! If you don't, well, you will be on my next one. But if you do, then you are obviously one of my friends!

Created by: Hiccstrid

  1. First up is Cody! I love all your proverbs you share with me.
  2. Next is Jozy! You talk to me quite a bit and I appreciate it.
  3. Next is Otaku! My GTQ sister!
  4. Next is JTK! You are new but I like you a lot.
  5. Next is Nicey! You seem very nice (pun intended) and I would like to get to know you better.
  6. Next is Jinx! You were one of the first I met on here and I hope you see this before you leave for the summer.
  7. Next is SE! You are a very neat person, SE.
  8. Next is Paige! You started all the trouble with me and Adam but I forgive you for that. And you have a very funny personality.
  9. Next is Ati! You were the first person on my official thread and we have a lot in common.
  10. Next is Kiersten! We had interesting beginnings but I like you a lot. Don't fangirl all over the quiz XD.
  11. Next is Nelly! You are one of my favorite users. I appreciate that you let me into your GTQ family.
  12. Next is Wendee! I love how you pull me out of the dumps and always give me good advice if I need it.
  13. Next is Olive Girl! You are the highlight of my evening. I love talking to you Ollie.
  14. And last but not least is Adam. We have been through fire and water, we have been rejected, we have been loved, but we are still friends.
  15. So that's all my shoutouts for now. If you were not on this quiz, fear not, I will make another soon.

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