Which Gravity Falls character are you? (Based on MBTI)

Although the show ended a while ago, Gravity Falls is still one of my favorite cartoons. Recently I was introduced to MBTI and the 16 Personalities, and I was curious as to what my favorite cartoon characters personality types were.

After a bit of research (huge shoutout to 16personalitites.com!!), I decided to make this quiz based on MBTI so you can find out which of these characters is most like your personality type. This quiz includes Mabel, Dipper, Stanford, Stanly, Bill, Wendy, and Soos. Have fun!

Created by: Gravity Falls Fan
  1. I trust what I experience more than impressions I have/my intuition.
  2. I pay more attention to the big picture than the facts/small details.
  3. Which of these describes you best?
  4. Do you think the world would be a better place if people relied more on their head than their heart?
  5. Do you like to have a schedule, checklist, black-up plan, etc. for each day?
  6. Which of the following options do you value most?
  7. Which of the following options do you rely on the most?
  8. How social are you, on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being very anti-social, 5 being the opposite)
  9. How important do you believe morals to be over logic, on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being logic is more important, 5 being morals are)?
  10. Which of these describes you best?
  11. Do you work well in a team?
  12. Which of the following mottos do you live by?
  13. What type of environment are you more drawn to?
  14. When you disagree with something, do you speak up?
  15. Do your emotions ever control you?

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Quiz topic: Which Gravity Falls character am I? (Based on MBTI)