Who is your long lost family member from Gravity Falls

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You wonder if you're related any gravity characters just take the quiz amazing characters will probably be your personality please take the quiz I believe you will like it

My personality is Bill so find out and take the quiz or you are a meat faced person used for evil just take the quiz or bad luck will fall upon you so take it

Created by: Nick Crawford
  1. Me: hi Im Nick Cipher Dipper ask the first question Dipper: what is your favorite color
  2. Me: Pacifica ask a question Pacifica: last time I saw you you burnt my hair... blah blah Me: Pacifica ask the question!!!! Pacifica: FINE!!! Who would you like to be together
  3. Me: Mabel you're up Mabel: thanks What would do in Gravity Falls
  4. Me: Gideon ask the question Gideon: so if someone didn't love you but you loved the what would you do Mabel: why you little puny brat
  5. Me: Ford lets see your question Ford: If doomsday happened today what would you Bill: Well it will happen soon Ford: oh yeah Me: dad and Ford just stop
  6. Me: Dad you have the spot light Bill: As I was saying if I came to you what would you do
  7. Me: Stanly go for it Stanly: uh donate to the mystery shack
  8. Me: Robbie lets get this almost over with Robbie: so I think Wendy should be with me
  9. Wendy: I know my turn Me: okay ask away Wendy: what do want in life
  10. Me: how was the quiz

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Quiz topic: Who is my long lost family member from Gravity Falls