How well do you know Gravity Falls?

This quiz is made to test your knowledge on the Disney tv series, Gravity Falls. If you don't of it, i suggest you click away becuase, !!!SPOILER WARNING!!!

But if you really want to stay or have already seen the show, it's time to ship you up north to a sleepy little town called Gravity Falls, Oregon! *backwards whisper*

Created by: Rainpelt
  1. LIGHT SPOILER WARNING! Let's start easy. What number journal does Dipper find?
  2. What is Bill Cipher's nickname for Dipper?
  3. What is Mabel's pet, and what is it's name?
  4. What name does Dipper wish he always had?
  5. MEDIUM SPOILER WARNING! Harder questions now! Who does Dipper have (or had) a crush on?
  6. What is Wendy's favorite color?
  7. Why is old man Mcguckit so crazy?
  8. What is Mabel's sign on the Bill Cipher zodiac circle?
  9. HEAVY SPOILER WARNING! Intense questions. What is the first episode in which Bill appears?
  10. Did the Northwest family really found Gravity Falls?
  11. What is Bill?
  12. For our final question, What is Dipper's REAL name.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Gravity Falls?