My First Shoutout Quiz!!!

I’ve met so many people here on GoToQuiz and i decided that they all deserved a shoutout. I’m happy I’ve met these people because they are all special in their own ways. Have a wonderful day/night/afternoon.


Created by: ElizabethAdams

  1. Dragon- you are an amazing person! You’re so kind and thoughtful and i love to role play with you!
  2. Eggaly- i enjoy role playing with you! You’ve created so many role plays and i enjoy being in every single one of them!
  3. Spice- You really are a Stage Beast! You’re amazing and funny and i enjoy role playing and chatting with you! You’re so kind and thoughtful!
  4. Cuteboy123- I’ve chatted with you on the lounge so much. You’re great to have a conversation with. You’re nice and really funny.
  5. Chameleon- You and me have the same warrior cat ship. Your character and mine. You’re fun to role play with and i enjoy role playing with you! You’re amazing and super kind!
  6. CaptainMop- i love roleplaying in Ashen Remains. You created a really good role play and i enjoy taking part in it a lot!
  7. TheStageBeast- okay, so i know you’re Spice, but i think this particular one should get a shoutout. Have. Great day!
  8. IceDragon- i just met you today but i figured you should get a shoutout today! You’re really nice!
  9. Taylor- I’ve talked to you a bit on Hi. You’re really nice and decided that you deserved a shoutout!
  10. Well those are all my shoutouts. Sorry you didn’t get one! I’ll try to give you a shoutout next time. Have a nice day!

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