What is your name clan and look part two

Hi there it’s me again I hope you’re having a great quarantine and your morning is going well any way I didn’t think I put enough names in my last quiz so I added some more to this one

I hope you enjoy this quiz because I was up all night working on it No seriously I was I am finally done with it and it is 3:54am I am so tired so I am going to go Byeeeeeee

Created by: Cinderstar_lokigirl

  1. We are going to jump right into role play You are hunting and you see a rouge walk past you what do you do
  2. You are chosen to go to a gathering while you are there your clan is accused of trespassing What do you do
  3. You got wounded in battle What do you do
  4. Green cough is spreading throughout your clan an your mate and kits are infected What do you do
  5. You are hunting and you see four pieces of prey A mouse A rabbit A wood thrushA fishWhich one do you choose
  6. Ok that’s enough role play Pick your favorite animal
  7. True or false Firestar is sandstorms mate
  8. Who had the saddest death
  9. Let fate decide
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: What is my name clan and look part two