My Chemical Romance Lyric/Song Quiz

Do you know My Chemical Romance songs like me? Or do you just say you know them well? Take this quiz and find out how much you know about My Chemical Romance songs.

This is actually a REALLY had My Chemical Romance song/lyric quiz. So before you take it make sure are actually listen to My Chemical Romance. And if listen to them lots, it's still pretty hard, so good luck!!!

Created by: mackey
  1. And in my heart I can't contain it
  2. Call her black Mariah Would I lie to you?
  3. That's if you've still got one that's left inside that cave you call a chest
  4. Black is the kiss, the touch of the serpent son
  5. Well I hope I'm not mistaken by the news I heard from waking
  6. How could you cry for me? Cause I don't feel bad about it.
  7. Until the end, until this pool of blood
  8. Well don't I look pretty walking down the street. In the best damn dress I own?
  9. Now will it matter after I'm gone? Because you never learn a goddamned thing.
  10. To the last parade When the parties fade

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