Finish the Lyric #1

Welcome to 'Finish the Lyric #1'.. in this quiz you'll be given a song lyric and you'll need to match it with it's succeeding line to complete the lyric, thus, finish the lyric.

The songs here mostly cover a range of rock music from alternative to classic, but a few hiphop and contemporary songs are included as well. This quiz is not really that hard, unless you're an idiot, and I hate idiots. So prove me wrong, idiot.

Created by: M Travis Hunt
  1. soy un perdedor, I'm a loser baby, _____
  2. I'm a Barbie girl, _____
  3. I get knocked down, but I get up again, _____
  4. Commencing countdown, engine's on, check ignition and _____
  5. Lose yourself in the music, the moment, you want it, _____
  6. She, she screams in silence, _____
  7. There must be some kind of way out of here, _____
  8. Mother, you had me, _____
  9. She loves to laugh, she loves to sing, _____
  10. Hide it in a hiding place where no one ever goes, _____
  11. I want you to want me, I need you to need me, ______
  12. Give me fuel, give me fire, ______
  13. never been a sinner, I never sinned, _____
  14. don't think, don't restrain, _____
  15. Steve walks warily down the street,
  16. Jackie is a punk, _____
  17. I'm a model, you know what I mean, _____
  18. I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes, _____
  19. Poor old Johnny Ray, sounded sad upon the radio, _____
  20. shakedown 1979, _____
  21. hang my head, drown my fear, _____
  22. close your eyes girl, look inside girl, _____
  23. I don't think you trust in my self righteous suicide, _____
  24. Person Man, Person Man, _____
  25. neckties, contracts, _____
  26. one love, one heart, _____
  27. mommy's alright, daddy's alright, _____
  28. so I walk upon high, and I step to the edge, _____
  29. and I'll search the World over _____
  30. with their tanks, and their bombs, and their bombs, _____
  31. the head nurse spoke up, she said '_____'
  32. I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad, _____
  33. lie at night, no one in sight, _____
  34. what would you do if I sang out of tune?, _____
  35. love is a burning thing, and it makes _____
  36. what have I become my sweetest friend, everyone I know _____

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