How much do you love My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance.. one of the greatest bands nowadays.. and they have so many fans!!! Some are true, some are just posers.. thinking that if they like this band, they're oh-so-cool. & they just call themselves a true fan although they don't know anything about MCR.

Do you really like My Chemical Romance? Or you're just like them 'cause you think they're just cool? Some says they love this band but actually, they don't. Do you really like this band? Take this quiz & find out!

Created by: Jullienne
  1. Who produced their 3rd album?
  2. What song did Gerard wrote to express his feelings about September 11th?
  3. When did Frank became a member of My Chemical Romance?
  4. Who's the youngest of the 5 members?
  5. What's the favorite band of Gerard's younger brother?
  6. Does Mikey have a pet?
  7. Who among the 5 members has a girlfriend named "Christa"?
  8. Where's Bob place of birth?
  9. Who said this? ""People think that moose are really gentle and goofy but they aren't; they're f---ing animals."
  10. What's the name of Frank's guitar?[his guitar that broke]
  11. Tell the truth.. do you like MCR because of who are they or because the members are hot?
  12. One last question.. Do you really love MCR?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love My Chemical Romance