Do you know My Chemical Romance

Do you think you know my chemical romance,well here is the best quiz to see if you are a my chemical romance genius!A good person would be someone that gets every question right on this quiz. If you take this quiz you will see my chemical romance from a other point of view !I hope you like this quiz!

You a my chemical romance genius please i dont think any one that hasent taken this quiz isnt a my chemical romance genius.I know Im expose to convence you to take this quiz but i dont know what to say so just take this quiz and i knew youll like if you take this test you would knew if you are a my chemical romance genius!

Created by: Elijah
  1. What is the lead singer in MCR?
  2. How many CDs do MCR have?
  3. What does Bob Bryar play?
  4. When was Gared Way Born?
  5. How old is Gared Way?
  6. After Gared Way got out of school he lived Where?
  7. How long has the MCR band been friends.
  8. Who was the last band member to join the band?
  9. When did the band start?
  10. Who got removed from the band?

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Quiz topic: Do I know My Chemical Romance