My Chemical Romance Quiz

Hi! this is a quiz that will test if you are a true My Chemical Romance fan or if you have never heard of them, I hope you enjoy the quiz! it is my first ever one so please rate it high!

Do you know everything about My Chemical Romance or have you never heard of them find out in my fabulous quiz. I hope you find it fun and enjoyable P.S I love My Chemical Romance I hope you do too

Created by: Laura
  1. Who is the lead singer of My Chemical Romance?
  2. What song are these lyrics from "You are never coming home, never coming home"
  3. What is the name of My Chemical Romance's first album?
  4. The Song "Helena" was about...?
  5. What used to be Gerard Way's favourite band?
  6. Frank was in another band before joining MCR?
  7. The song "Welcome To The Black Parade" was about...
  8. who did the front cover for their second album "Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge"
  9. Gerard used to have long brown hair.
  10. What is the name of the last song on their first album?

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