How well do you know My Chemical Romance?

Yes i am aware that this is my second quiz having the theme of My Chemical Romance.(For Those of you who took my lat quiz) I am just obsessed with them because they are really the greatest five guys ever!

Ok...So...Yeah. My Chemical Romance is the best band ever. If you like ROCK!!! if you don't...go sit on a pole and rotate! If you've never heard of them or never listened to them...then i guess this quiz is not for you.

Created by: marye
  1. How old is gerard?
  2. What's the correct order in which the CD's were released?
  3. Oldest to youngest.
  4. What did Gerard want to be before he started MCR?
  5. What tattoo is on Frank's neck?
  6. When making the video to "Famous Last Words" which band member gets burned?
  7. In the video to "I'm Not Okay" who gets hit by the sandwich?
  8. Finish this: "This night walk the dead in a solitary style..."
  9. Which is not a lyric from an MCR song?
  10. did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know My Chemical Romance?