How well do you know My Chemical Romance?

Do you have the makings of a true MCR genius in YOU? Test your ultimate My Chemical Romance Knowledge right here, in this quiz!!! Come on! All you Emo Rock fans and do this quiz!

There are many geniouses out there...what about MCR geniouses?? Find out if you're one of them! Perhaps you just arent' a fan of Emo Rock bands...well become one! Especially become a fan of My Chemical Romance!

Created by: xx-Austin-Gunner-xx
  1. What colour did Gerrard dye his hair?
  2. My Chemical Romance is a (your answer here) rock band
  3. How many record deals have they signed?
  4. What are the names of the record deals?
  5. Who thought up the name "My Chemical Romance"?
  6. Gerrard witnessed 9 11?
  7. The ex drummer was?
  8. How many album(s) have they made?
  9. What are the albums?
  10. What was the first album made?
  11. Ok, I'm bored...pick one

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Quiz topic: How well do I know My Chemical Romance?