How Well Do You Know MCR?

Many people claim to know My Chemical Romance because they are a very good band. Many people wish they knew them well but many people do not know them that well.

But how well do YOU know them. Are you a true fan or are you a fake? Be prepared to be tested on every last detail about my chemical romance. I left nothing out.

Created by: ashley
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  1. What is the name of MCRs first album?
  2. How many albums do MCR have?
  3. What is Gerard's role in the band?
  4. What is Gerard's last name?
  5. Who are the members of MCR?
  6. Which is NOT a song on their first album?
  7. What song was the first one written by MCR?
  8. Who wrote that first song?
  9. Where is the majority of the band from?
  10. Gerard witnessed the World Trade Centres collapse.
  11. Which is NOT a quote by Gerard Way?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know MCR?