Are you an Evanescence fan?

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Not everyone knows about Evanescence but if you do then that's really good. If you don't know who they should probably learn before you take the quiz.

Are you one of those people who know about the band? Do you know just about everything about them? Is it no surprise to you when your friends bring up stuff about the band because you already knew? Maybe...

Created by: EvanescenceFan

  1. What are the names of the band members in Evanescence?
  2. Who did Amy Lee marry?
  3. Uhh,ummm,This does count for your score,okay? IGFHTGNGBFGFDDDFFGFD
  4. How may members are in the band?
  5. Who are the ex band members?
  6. Did you like this quiz?(Careful,this counts)
  7. ffffef
  8. bfrgb
  9. htrtrhglnfhfgborwb
  10. Okay,I'm tired of that...Who's your favorite band member?

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Quiz topic: Am I an Evanescence fan?