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  • Yes I know. But to be honest I wasn't paying attention and was half asleep when I wrote this quiz. It was 2:00 AM where I was.So sorry and all the RUBBISH was because I didn't know what to put because I was bored and tired.I made the quiz for fun and also messed up on the band members. John Lecompt and Rocky Gray aren't in the band anymore. Sorry for making mistakes okay?

  • According to number four you said that there was four members. In the question that listed the band members that you said was correct... it had FIVE band members. Plus, you did not do a good quiz at all with all that RUBBISH you had in it. If you are going to make a quiz please use real questions or don't make a quiz at all!! Goodness. Do you not know how to actually make a quiz? Because it does not seem like you do know. And yes I am saying this in a mean way because there is no excuse of doing this. Thank you!


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