Must Take Test (Guys Only)

This is a simple must take quiz and to be honest I don't think anyone its going to read this. I wouldn't, I know that but if you do here you go I'm making paragraphs for you people.

Once again I have no idea what to put down so I'll just put that if you fail this quiz that's sad because this is one of the easiest quizzes ever. Good luck I guess.

Created by: Connor Mikkelson
  1. What gender are you? (Sorry about this showing twice I just want to make sure you know.)
  2. I have no idea what to put now so guess randomly
  3. I just read I needed 10 questions so I'll make this easy. What is Harry Potter's last name
  4. How old are you? I honestly hope you get this right.
  5. Who was the first president?
  6. Here comes another easy one. How do you spell Deadpool?
  7. When was Abraham Lincoln's birthday?
  8. 3 More Questions left! Try and guess how long I've been trapped doing this.
  9. Is this the worst test ever?
  10. Answer this and you are free (about time right?) What letter does your name start with?

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