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Hey guys! Long time no see! :P So, I was watching one of Joey Graceffa's videos where he tried out this personality test on a girl. I took it as well and thought it was really cool, so I'm gonna try it out on you guys.

Since gotoquiz didn't have the right format for this, I included the results in the actual quiz. Now, this is simple. I will ask you to imagine stuff, and just answer the first thing that pops into your head. The first thing you think of may give some insight to your personality and aspects of your life.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. Hello. Before we begin, please read the paragraphs above. This might be kind of confusing if you don't.
  2. Alright, now that you know what this is all about, I want you to start by picturing a white room. Are you? Okay, good. Now I want you to picture a cube inside the room. What size is the cube?
  3. Where in the room is the cube?
  4. Does the cube have a color?
  5. Okay. Now imagine there are flowers in the room. What size are the flowers?
  6. What about the amount of flowers?
  7. Now imagine there's a ladder in the room. Describe the ladder.
  8. Imagine a horse is also in the room. Describe 3 of it's personality traits. (Happy, calm, loyal, mean, etc...) Since there are so many options, I'm not including them in the answers. Just make a mental note of them.
  9. Finally, imagine it is raining in the room. Describe the rain.
  10. Okay, now I will tell you what these results mean. (You can always check the questions again if you forget what you answered.)
  11. The cube represents your ego. If you pictured a big cube, it means you can have a big ego at times. If the cube is smaller, then you have a smaller ego and are less likely to let things go to your head. As for the placement of the cube, if the cube is on the ground, then it means you are well grounded and down to earth. If it's floating, it can mean that you sometimes are not very realistic. If the cube isn't colorful (meaning it's black, white, grey, or clear) it means you don't hide your true self around others. If it has a color (red, blue, green, etc.) then that can mean that you don't always act like yourself around others.
  12. The flowers represent your friends and family. The more flowers there are, the more people in your family / group of friends you trust and are close to. If you have a small group of flowers, it can mean that you aren't close to a lot of people and / or don't trust easily.
  13. The ladder represents your goals. The size of the ladder represents the size and / or amount of goals you have.
  14. The horse represents your spouse. The three characteristics you picked for the horse are likely to be found in your future spouse.
  15. Finally, the rain represents your stress and how you deal with it. If the rain is light, then you either don't have a lot of stress, or you are a calm person. If the rain is heavy but peaceful, it means you have a lot of stress, but you have it under control. If there is a storm with thunder and lightening, then it means you are under a lot of stress and it is affecting you badly.
  16. Please leave a comment telling me what you got and whether or not it was accurate. :)
  17. Wanna know what I got? I'm gonna tell you anyway, so if you don't care, then just finish the quiz now.
  18. When taking this test, I pictured a small, blue cube laying on the ground. There were no more than 7 medium sized flowers. The ladder was big and almost went to the ceiling. The horse was calm, gentle, and sweet. The rain was heavy with thunder and lightening.
  19. So... that means I have a small ego, I'm down to earth, and I don't always act like myself around others. Accurate. I have no self esteem, so how could I have a big ego? I am usually down to earth, and I usually hide what I'm feeling inside. The part about the flowers were accurate too. I have a few people I am close to, but not many. I don't trust that many people either. As for the ladder, it means I have big goals. I don't think I have a ton of goals, but the ones I do have are fairly big. It's good to know that my future spouse is going to be calm, gentle, and sweet because there aren't nearly enough people like that. The part about the rain was accurate too. I am stressed out a lot and it does affect me in a bad way.
  20. Go comment now and have a nice day! Bye! :)

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