What Color Represents Your Personality?

Which color represents your personality? Are you aching to know? Take this quiz and find out! It's 12 EASY questions, but the results are 99.99 percent accurate!

Red? Blue? Purple? Gold? Find out now! What color is your personality? Let me know in the comments what color you got and how you feel about it! Thank you!

Created by: Kaylyn
  1. Would you consider yourself shy, outgoing, or in between?
  2. What is an activity that you partake in?
  3. Do You Like To Help Others?
  4. Would you consider yourself as cruel?
  5. What is a word you would use to describe yourself?
  6. Are you affectionate towards others?
  7. For the next 4 questions, I will give you a scenario and you are to pick the response below that BEST describes how you would respond if the scenario were to be real. Scenario 1: One of your peers tells you that they love your outfit.
  8. Scenario 2: You fail your math test that you studied all night long for.
  9. Scenario 3: You catch your best friend talking about you behind your back.
  10. Scenario 4: Your mom takes your cell phone away.

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Quiz topic: What Color Represents my Personality?