What color are you?

Ever wonder what your TRUE color is? The one that represents your personality and aura? The one that tells the world about your true self? The color that showcases YOU?

Take this quiz and find your true disposition. Answer a series of true-or-false questions and situation replicas to find the true color that's inside.

Created by: Emma

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  1. At lunch, the new girl sits down with you. You say...
  2. Your little brother keeps crashing your study group, yelling about being bored. Your friends are getting annoyed. You...
  3. You like the color red.
  4. You like the color orange.
  5. You like the color yellow.
  6. You like the color green.
  7. You like the color blue.
  8. You like the color purple.
  9. You like the color pink.
  10. You like the color white.
  11. You like the color black.

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Quiz topic: What color am I?