Midnight Love (Part 7)

Hello there fellow Midnight Love fans I have made part 7 and will try to fit part 8 out before I start school soon so sorry the series will be on hold for a while maybe.

So Drama, Love and Kidnapping this is what Than Grimm the vampire who had a normal life being a human until she meet this guys and is now on a crazy ride of her life will she survive or not make it?

Created by: Beautiful Games

  1. Holler then blink folded everyone of us but yet we couldn't turn into our natural state for some reason why? Then I was picked up with what had to be Trinana & Sitara on top of me. Next thing I am unblind folded in a dark room with bars surronding me and it looked like a dugen you see in movies. Rock walls and nothing in the room at all but I did see fire totches across from me only 2 and stairs on the right side of me. I then heard a voice I didn't know in the cellar right next to me saying, "Hello is there anyone?" "Yes who are you?" I asked curious. Then the women moved closer to my cell so she could see me she had long dirty blonde with zircon eyes and pale skin she was very beautiful. "Hi I am Piyali oh my god you must Than Grimm it's so nice to meet you." Piyali said. "What are you and how do you know who I am?" I asked a bit worried. "I am a witch and Willa has been keeping me captive so she could try to hunt you down and get all your powers." Piyali answered. "How does she know who I am?" I asked Piyali
  2. "Oh well Willa had heard about you some how since, you are a Grimm they have a very powerful bloodline from generation to generation and she thought they were all killed or pasted away but she heard you where still alive and is going to kill you know since she has found you." Piyali said. "Great today keeps getting better and better for me doesn't it right." I said sarcasticly. "Who am I, where am I?" Chris said. Sure enough I knew it was him. "Than?!?" Chris said worried. "It's okay I am here Chris." I said. It sucked since I was a human since I could barely see him with this crappy light they gave us. "Hey Chris is there anyone else in the cellar with you?" I asked. "No I am alone but it looks like Ethan is in the one right next to me still out cold." Chris said. Then all of a sudden the torches blew out and light came on it was so bright in the room. I was then changed into a vampire into a second and purple uv lights came on and Chris and I are covering our heads screaming in pain. It was like someone set my whole body on fire in a second the pain was burning and unbarable to handle. "UHHHHHHH" Chris and I are shouting out together while Piyali just sits there watching hopelessly. "I think I remember a spell." Piyali said just then the light went out and the tortches came back on and my skin recovered and I was a vampire still surprisingly.
  3. "What the hell was that for?" I said furious. "It's Willa she is torturing us now since she caught us and especially found you now." Chris said while rolling on the ground still in pain from the uv lights. "We gotta get out now." I said to Chris. "Than they turn the uv lights on 3 times round 2 should be starting any second." Chris said right as he finished they sure enough came back. "AHHHHHH." Chris & I screamed as we tried covering our face. "Piyali.... HELP!!!" I screamed as the pain was getting alot worste by every second.
  4. The lights went out and I teleported to Piyali cell bite my wrist and squeezed it to her hands. "Her do what you may Piyali." I said. Then fell to the ground as soon as I went into Chris's cell. "Damn it I am too weak." I said while looking for Chris's hand and found it. "Your still beautiful even when your in pain." Chris said while panting hard from the pain. "Oh stop being sarcastic with Chris we need to get out of here now." I said while trying to get my energy back fast."I am serious this last round is twice as worst and longer. Chris said sounding a bit better from the pain.
  5. "F--k me man." I said. Then the uv lights hit us hard and faster. It felt like now at this point I am on fire and being stab all over my body with a pocker. The light stopped and I was barely stable which meant it had to be worse for Chris. "Than?" Chris said in a weak voice. "Your Welcome." Piyali said happy. "Piyali can you wake up Ethan please he is the guy over to your right please?" I asked. "Sure and he is gorgeus Than." Piyali said. "Maybe you 2 can go out after we leave." I said touching Chris's shoulder and teleported to Piyali Cell.
  6. What the hell? Ethan said getting up in a panic. "Ethan go try and find the others okay we will meet you as soon as we can." I commanded. "Sure whatever you say Than." Ethan said. "Piyali is there anyway you can make us invisible?" I asked. "Yeah here say Elbisivni 3 times so you Chris & I are holding hands and can walk away out of here." Piyali said. "Elbisivni,Elbisivni,Elbisivni" We both said. "Lets Go now teleport us please." Piyali said. "Okay hold on." I said.
  7. When we left the room I guessed we were on the floor above us since I saw tall guards at the front door were our exit was and a women with yellow eyes, midnight blue hair with bangs and pale skin she was wearing a long white shirt that said in red, BITE ME with blood dripping from the e's and was wearing denim jeans with yellow flip-flops. "Is that Willa?" I whispered too Piyali. "No thats Bertina, Willa's b*tch I feel bad for her at times she beats her where you can't see her skin and worst it's terrible the lack of respect she gets." Piyali whispered. "Oh damn, well I don't care right now we just need to leave now and fast." I whispered.
  8. Ethan's POV: When I left Than and who every that women was I didn't get a good look of her thought Willa must have had us sent down there by Holler and that new kid Marmou or something. I went to the second floor and found Willa's Office it looked the same black door gold handle and er name in big letters. It would have been gold but since she is a wolf it had to be and not silver.
  9. I went threw the wall and saw Trina, Trinana, Sitara and 2 other guys that where chained up along with them. Trina was bleeding from her mouth a bit and Willa or some must have hit her hard and knocked her out. But the guys I didn't know. Guy #1 had Brown Hair with Blacck Highlights light tan skin and was wearing a grey shirt with dark denim shorts and white sneakers and was sleeping. Guy #2 was awake and had Red short hair, baby blue eyes and pale skin.
  10. "Hey who the hell are you?" Guy #2 said. "Ethan I should be asking you that what happened to Trina's mouth?" I asked him. "I am Josiah and Trina's new boyfriend some lady with dark purple hair and black slapped the living crap out of Trina and I couldn't do anything it was so hard to watch and thats Rio over there by the way." Josiah said."Thats Willa she is going to try and kill us but I need to get all of you guys out now." I said. "Hey Josiah?" I asked. "Yeah Ethan?" Josiah said. "Just out of curiousity what does you name mean?" I asked. "Fire of the Lord why." Josiah asked. "Your perfect for Trina you might be her soulmate." I said.
  11. "Here let me unluck all your chains." I said. I focused on them lucking and they did unlock and I was surprised I still had the power Sitara gave me some of her teleknesis power to have and I still got it."Hey I will carry Sitara?" Guy #3 said. He had Dirty Blonde Hair, hazel Eyes and Pale Skin. "I'm Tariq now we have to hurry before that b*tch hits anymore of these beautifuil girls of ours." Tariq said.
  12. "Hey lets go now someone wake up Rio." I said. Josiah grapped Trinana and threw her as light as he could on Rio to wake up that man already. "What the heck happen?' Rio said. "Where am I Oh hi Rio" Trinana said then hugged him. "I hope you guys can run fast since we need to carry all the girls and run as soon as we can now." Tarie said. I opened the door and Rio, Tariq and Josiah ran out with there women in there arms and I closed the door and ran after them hoping we would see Than. I really do miss her right now I hope she is doing okay now.
  13. CLIFFHANGER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
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  15. May the odds be ever in your favor...

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