Midnight Love (Part 4)

(You don't have to read this.) Hello there the angel from my nightmare the shadow in the background of the morge the unsuspecting victum from darkness in the valley we can live like Jack & Sally if you... Blink-182 I Miss You

Hello what's going on there oh I see you found this quiz Midnight Love (Part 4) well take it now and if you have taken the other quiz please do so now click Beautiful Games.

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  1. "Okay that sounds fun do you need me to bring anything?" I replying back to Rio. 1 second later, "It's okay I have food, oh and 2 friends of mine are coming over I hope you don't mind?" Rio said. "No can I bring 2 friends along?" I replid ed back. "Hey Trinana & Sitara do you feel like going some where?"I said to them. "Sure where?" Sitara said. "Yeah see you then." Rio said. I texted back. "Okay." Trinana get dressed Sitara & I will wait for in the car and to answer your question it's a surprise Sitara."
  2. "Okay and Trina next time it can just be you and us if thats okay with you do hang out?" I said. "Yeah it's fine I am too tired now anyways and can Chris come?" Trina said. "Sure I will be there." Chris said with a half smile. "Great" I said. "Damn you Trina." I said telepathicly. "What you 2 may hit it off." she said. "Shut Up I don't need a relationship now but I think about it okay." I said. "Fine" Trina said.
  3. Then I hugged Trinana before she went to bed. Trina left the room to get ready and just left Sitara,Chris,Ethan and I alone. "So Sitara lets go in my car and wait for Trina okay."I said. "Sure bye Ethan & Chris" then she hugged them both and went outside. I hugged Ethan and right as I was going to let go, he kissed me very softly on the lips and I gave in for a few second. I let him have that just to make Chris jealous which was fine for me because I knew Ethan was jealous of our kiss and I liked it.
  4. "Bye Ethan." I said then went over to hug Chris. Chris was calm and didn't care at all when I read his mind he thought,"I don't want to ever let go of Than," Chris said. I telepathicly said to him,"I'm sorry I have to go Bye." Then stopped hugging him. Sitara and I then went into my black corvet still waiting for Trina to get ready for Rio's.
  5. "So Sitara how do you know everyone?" I asked. "Well the twins I grew up when we were little then Ethan & Chris saved our lives by taking us in when we were little." Sitara said. "What why what happened?" I asked again. "Well we heard demons murder our parents when we came home from the park 1 day and ran out of there to the streets walking for days, miles just making sure were far away from there." Sitara said. "Then Ethan & Chris found you were?" I asked. Then in the back seat I see a grey mist.
  6. It was Trinana surprisingly. She wore a dark long blue shirt with black pants and black boots. Her wavy dark brown hair looked shiny and her blue/green eyes looked happy to be going out. "So were are we going?" Trinana asked. "To a guys house that I meet his name is Rio." I said. Then Katniss's Whistles went off and it had to be a text from Rio. I open my iphone and it was Rio he gave me his address. "Is he hot?" T rinana asked. Sitara *laughed*. "Yes he is" I said. "I think you will like him Trinana."
  7. "Okay I trust your judgement Than" I said. 5 minutes we are all at Rio's front door and I knocked at the front door to see a tall guy with pale skin hazel eyes and dirty blonde hair answer the door. He wore a tight white t-shirt with jeans & grey converse. "Hi I'm Sitara,"she said while holding her hand out. "Tariq," he said while shaking Sitara's hand. When they did a yellow light surrounded there hands and a star came from the light going up into the sky and dissappeared.
  8. "Tariq do you know what this mean?" Sitara asked. "I don't." Trinana said. "It means they both posses the power to control the stars and are meant to be together forever". I told Trinana. "Lucky Sitara I don't even know who I am suppose to be with." Trinana said. But Sitara and Tariq were smiling at each other. "Tariq can we come in I need to change back into a human and I don't wanna blind you guys when I do." I said. "Oh right sure." Tariq said. Then Tariq pulled Sitara in the house and twirled her once.
  9. Sitara laughed and kissed Tariq lightly on his light pink lips and he smiled afterwards. Then I saw Rio wearing a red shirt that showed the outline of his abs and a blue & white pladed shorts. "Hey Than." Rio said. "Hi Rio were is the bathroom I need to change back into a human and I don't want to blind you guys when I do." I said. "Sure down the hall to the right 2nd door." Okay and I was walking slowly to see what was around the house. The walls were white and had samari swords on the wall on 1 side.
  10. And on the other side had all his karate belts line up & down covering almost the whole wall in ever color you can imagine. But enough looking I don't wanna be too nosy here so I went into the bathroom & guessed that the theme was the ocean because the show curtains looked like an ocean the mates were white & the soap pump was a little boat with a handle for you to press & the walls were the color of the beach sand. There was 3 sea shells right above the toilet it looked pretty. So I then changed back.
  11. So I left the bathroom and then saw Sitara making out with Tariq on the blue loveseat and Rio talking to Trinana until she just kissed him right now. I grapped my car keys from my pants and was at the front door now saying, "So I am leaving now you kids have fun now." No answer from any of them and I left the house & just changed into a vampire at the front door. I put my keys back into my pocket and touched my car hood think about my living as I closed my eyes then a second later I was in my living room.
  12. So I went into my room walls all black and black sheets of course. I put the clothes I had on in the hamper and had a nice hot shower I needed it. Then I put on a long sleeve dark green shirt with black short. Chris came to my mind for some reason maybe & the kiss, I didn't want to label it yet or sleep Than. I thought well then I went to bed & fell asleep. And I started waking up a bit still tired thought to a warm comfrontable body I felt a 6 pack were my elbows where they had a grey shirt on & it was...
  13. Cliffhanger!?!?!?!?!?!?!
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