Midnight Love (Part 2)

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Hey Gotoquiz readers I want to say thanks for you are about to take Midnight Love (Part 2) if you didn't take part 1 please click my and do so or you will get lost

So here is a (Recap)Your Name is Than Grimm you have long straight black hair pale skin and your eyes are grey as a human. But anyways you were out walking when a guy name Chris made you fall and you talked to him and Ethan lets continue....

Created by: Beautiful Games

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  1. "Well actually I can't Chris I probably should be leaving anyways but it was nice meeting you and Ethan." you said. "Oh okay well then I guess we will catch you later" Chris said. "Yeah bye you guys" you said. I started walking away until Ethan graped my arm and turned me around. "Wait Than" said Ethan said in a sexy voice. "Yes Ethan what is it?" you said. "How can I contact you if I ever wanted to see you again well by that I mean Chris and I?"said Ethan.
  2. As you started walking backwards you say to Ethan, "You will see me again I know our paths will cross each other soon until then bye." you basiclly yell out the last few words so he can hear you. Then you just turn around and run fast as you can as a vampire and your home in 1.05 minutes and run into a light post near your house and you blackout.
  3. You finally woke up too see that its almost dawn when some guy is hovering over you. "Well Good Morning Snow White."he said. He has dark brown hair with black hightlight and these amazing emerald green eyes.
  4. He was wearing a white shirt that said, Aero in Blue with a plaid patterned shorts on and blue flip flop. "Why are you staring at me and how long have you been staying there?" you said.
  5. "Just for maybe like 5 minutes I was running when I notice you under this light post do you live near by I can take you home?" he said. "No thanks and what's your name?" I said. I realise after talking to this human for a while now that I was starving and I wanted to bite his neck with the vains flowing full of blood through his skin it looked so delcious right now. You would think for living 150 years I would get us to blood but no of course not. I can't I feel like 1 of those vampires in that teenage movie the twilight saga.
  6. "Oh right I am Rio sorry I didn't say it sooner." says Rio. "Its okay Rio I need to you a personal question?" I said. "Yeah you can ask me anything what is it?" said Rio. "I am getting the scent that you are a Shape-Shifter because you smell like Cotton Candy?"."Because *snif* you smell good?" I said. "I am actually you must be a vampire then I am guessing?" said Rio.
  7. "Yeah I'm Than it mean"... I said before Rio cut me off, "Oh wait let me guess Death or something close to it?" he said. "Yeah how did you know?" I said. "Because every supernatural beings name mean what kind of powers they have in life you didn't know that Than? he said. "No I never knew that I was a loner until I met a ghost and a dark angel that told me what they were, there twins Rio." I said. "Wow you know there are no more angel these day the race way wiped out by demons but there was a war." said Rio.
  8. "What happened?" I said. "Well the vampires desided to end them for good and they won the war."Rio said."Wow."I said. Then I hear Katniss's Whistle from The Hunger Game. "Oh sorry I got a text Rio." you said. "It's fine just check it." Rio said. I toke out my iphone put in my password and got a text from Trina she said, Hey Than um I need help over here I can't go into my human form for some reason can you help me please Trinana doesn't know what to do either?
  9. "Okay I will be there as soon as I can be there in 5." you said. "Rio I have to go I got a Ghost problem I need to handle." I said then got off the ground. "Okay well can I give you my # so we can or meet up whenever?" Rio said. "Okay fine" you said. Then after you got his # you went home to see your house is empty still. You get bored sometimes since you live alone and have no funiture in your house so you go to your fridge HUNGRY! And you start eating a raw piece of streak and your happy now (YUM!!!).
  10. You go into your room and change into a human and that blinding white light shines so bright you have to close your eyes. You get a hot shower nd get dressed in 2 minutes and put on eye liner since thats the only make you will wear and see your grey eyes. And try your hardest to make them a bit darker and did. :) Then you drive in your black corvet to Trina's House. 5 minutes later Trinana opens the door and hugs you the second she sees you.
  11. Trina hair was down her hair was dark brown and some what wavy some pieces were, others were straight. Her eyes looked more green with hardly and because she was happy to see me. She had on a blue tank up with white shorts and her skin was peachy. "I hope you don't mind but, I invited some friend over." Trinana said. "No its okay Trinana." I said. Then when you turn around you see Chris with vampire teeth so white and Ethan as a ghost with a girl behind them.
  12. Cliffhanger!??!?!?!?!?!?

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