Midnight Love (Part 13)

Hey guys what's going my pal my friend my amigo haha that means friends and I know it man Spanish is working so well for me here at my school :) thanks Mom.

Oh man my teacher is yelling he is kinda loud I don't care about it I actually kinda enjoy it. And sorry for taking so long on publishing Part 13 time is so limited for me :(

Created by: Beautiful Games

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  1. "Damn it!" I said out loud. "Good your up." Chris said while coming out of the corner. "Yes what do you need now Chris?" I said while crossing my arm. "This." Chris said. He was right in front of me in a second and started kissing my neck then my lips. It was cold and gave me a chill but that wasn't important at all right now. I was panting now a little and Chris was smiling. He bit my lower lip very lightly and drew some blood. He was being so sexy. I pulled his shirt off and touched his ice cold abs softly. Then he toke of my shirt and started kissing my chest then my lips again. It felt so good and made me wanting more and even him now.
  2. *Dream Mode Ends* "Huh" I said. Man 2 weird dreams in a row what's going on with me? Oh right death in a month. "ha.""What time is it?" I said out loud. I grapped my phone to see a picture of the deathly hallow symbol and it was the 24th. "What?" I said out loud. "Crap that means I only have 29 more days." I whispered. I had to get out of bed but I didn't want to. I changed into a vampire to see if Chris was up. "Chris are you up?" I asked telepathicly. "Than what's wrong is everything okay?" Chris said. "Yeah everything is fine." I said
  3. "Are you in your human form?" I asked. "Yes why?" Chris said. "Can you come to my room please now?" I said. "Okay be there in a second." Chris said. I then changed back into a human and Chris just came in the door right after. "Than?" Chris sounded like a little boy. "Come here under the covers please?" I said. "Okay." Chris said. He went under the covers and turned to look at me. I automaticly got closer to him and he hugged me tight.
  4. "So was there any reason you wanted me to come in here with you?" Chris said. "I just didn't want to get out of bed and needed someone here with me." i said. "So I was your first choice?" Chris said. "Yes you were and I am so comfortable please don't leave me yet?" I said. "Okay you know I won't Than." Chris said. Chris is a really nice guy but how can I be with him when I have to die in a month. I guess I just can't be with him ever it just wasn't meant to happen I guess in this life time. "Than?" Chris said. "Yeah." I said while looking at his face. "I am glad you asked me to come in here and join you." Chris said while smiling big. "I am happy you came." I said. I kissed his rosy pink lips it gave me so much heat wanting more from that kiss. He didn't resist at all but kiss back and just hugged me even tighter like someone was going to try and break us up but won't anytime soon. This can't go any farther now I just don't want anymore people to get her that I love. Especially not my friends since I have no more family here on earth and they have moved on to the after life. Unlike me but we shall be together again soon as a family.
  5. 'Hey Chris do you want to watch a movie in bed?' I asked Chris. "Sure what are you in the mode for?" Chris said. "Hmm Comedy?' I said. "Sure depends on the movie?' Chris said mysteriously. "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?" I said. "Umm maybe what else?" Chris said. "Wimbeldon, The Fifth Element or Star Wars Episode I? I said. "What about Lord Of The Rings?" Chris said. "Okay I think I saw it in the shelf over there, I'll go get it." I said. "Okay Than." Chris said." When I went over there I found it in a flash.
  6. "Than can I ask you something?" Chris said. "Sure what is it?" I said while putting the disc in. "Do you have any tattoo's?" Chris said. "I only have 2 why?" I said while getting back on the bed with him. "Just curious I have never seen 1 on you." Chris said. "Well then I will show them." I said happy. "You don't have to if you don't want to." Chris said. "No it's fine I don't mind at all." I said while putting right hand on his hand."Okay then." Chris said. "Well the first one is on my left hand." I said.
  7. "The Deathly Hallow Symbol right?" Chris said while looking at my hand. "Yeah your a Harry Potter fan as well?" I asked. "Yes" Chris said serious. "Well that's 1 and here is 2." I said. I toke off my shirt and was only in my bra and pants. I turned around so he could see the back of my lower neck and put my hair to the right side of me. It was a tattoo of a caster moon in all black with a fade of blue with some white little stars around it. "It's looks beautiful just like you." Chris said. "Aww thanks Chris and shut up." I said. "Let me put my shirt on and lets enjoy the movie okay." I said while putting on some clothes.
  8. Hollers POV: I was in the castle now all alone in Willa's office waiting for her. "Where the hell is she?" I said out loud. "I have no clue Mamoru said she would be back at 12 and it's 1 just give her a little bit more time she might show up soon just wait for it." Bertina said. This chick was so annoying and I am always ready any second to kill her if Willa would just allow me too already. Bertina wore a tight red shirt with short black short and red flip-flops. She would seem like a normal person but once you hear her talk you always want her dead.*Creack* What the hell are you guys doing here? I told you never come in here without me unless it was a emergency now what is it?' Willa said. "We are just ready now to go get that Grimm that you wanted her so you could kill her that Thain? Than? Train whatever that sluts name is." Bertina said angry. "Yeah minus the last part." I said sarcastically. "Okay since you 2 are ready for the mission you need to track them down first check here Seattle then I believe yeah i know for sure now she lived in Boston she might have hide out there so go straight after your done checking her got it!" Willa said. "Yes Willa." I said right before leaving the room with Bertina. "So here then Boston?" Bertina said. "Thats right." I said. Than Grimm were coming for you.
  9. YOUR POV: After Chris and I finished watching the movie we walked outside around the house went hunting since we were getting hunger had a very delicious deer. Then just went to the theater to go see Beauty and The Beast the play at around 7pm. And just watch the rise up around who know what time then we just came home and he slept in my bed with me again. I always felt so safe and secured around him this was a perfect day I still have 28 more days until it's time for the unfortunate event comes I have got to now train with Sitara tomorrow no matter what for this war that might start soon we all need to prepare before it happens.
  10. *Dream Mode* I was walking in a forest there was snow everywhere and it looked so beautiful. There was a cabinet just ahead all alone and looked old. Why did it look so familar? Oh wait it was my house why am I going her? I then walked in moved all the furniture to the left side of the room and grapped a cup. I grapped my pocket knife in my pocket and dig deep as I cut my wrist across and bleed slot in the cup. It was so cold man this was one thing I hate about being human how sensitive they are. Then I drew my tattoo and triangle with a line in the middle and a circle on the inside in my blood. I then put the cup on a table and layer down stat in the middle and stabbed my heart once.
  11. CLIFFHANGER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!
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