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Okay so here's the deal. You're going to your first day of middle school and you faced a lot of problems and dislikes about the school, this quiz will decide which character out of the people I met in real life who are you most like. By the way the peoples names are fake.

Here are the people I need on the first day of school: Carillon, a really popular girl who can do anything to be popular. Kyline, a shy and somewhat dumb girl who knows she's dumb but it's very fun and nice.Rozie, she is a very smart girl who isn't even supposed to be in sixth grade so if you got her then you're pretty smart. Betty, she is a sassy little girl yes she is but you know she's a friend. Kylie, that's me! If you get me then you're very pretty nice kind sweet charming-okay I'll stop bragging but yeah your like me.

Created by: Kylie Wockan
  1. It's the first day of middle school (sixth grade) what's your reaction?
  2. You enter on the bus and see one of your best friends sitting with a boy you know she likes. What do you do?
  3. The bus pulls up at your new school. You see your friend walk into a part of the building. You don't know where you go. You...
  4. You end up in the sixth grade hallway! You walk all the way down (with your backpack still on) to your homeroom and see your schedule sitting on the desk. After you figure out your schedule you know that you have Ms. Ohio the life skills teacher. When the homeroom bell rings you go to first period. You notice that the boys of your homeroom and the girls of your homeroom I'm separate lines of separate classes. What do you think?
  5. You enter in the classroom and Ms. Ohio talks about the things are going to be learning in the class this year. What do you pick up?
  6. So after and Ms.Ohio is done talking she tells you to talk about yourself. What would you most likely say?(This is not what you actually say this is more of a personality thing)
  7. The bell rang, finally this second period. Yay! You look on the schedule and know that you have math next. UGH. Your teacher Mrs. Lisa explains that you must sit in alphabetical order. You get seated with a girl named Carillon Scialla. You two talk for a while. You have a lot of income. Then finally it's time for math class. What's your reaction?
  8. Turns out you're only doing like five basic math multiplication problems since you have eight minutes left. A bell rang but that was only for the seventh-grade lunch. So what's your reaction to multiplication problems?
  9. No bell rang but your teacher said it's time to go. You walk out the door and you go to your next class, ELA. You still have your backpack on. You see your teacher Miss Bruise and you see that she's going to have a baby. Miss Bruise says it's time for lunch. You walk with the rest of your class to the lunchroom. What is your wish for the new cafeteria and the new lunch?
  10. It turns out, they baby you. They tell you where to sit and what table they want you to sit at. On top of that, they tell you when to get lunch! What are you think of this injustice?
  11. Lunch is finally over! You walk back to your ElA class and start a project about yourself that your teacher said to do. Suddenly, the office calls you down. What do you think they will tell you?
  12. Hi are you ________? You answer yes. They give you a sheet of paper, confuse you headed back to class and you read the paper. What do you think the note says?
  13. (Assuming you chose the first answer) Well surprise surprise! It's a bus change your no longer on bus 47 your on bus 1. What do you think?
  14. Well when you get back to the class, the bell rang for the last. (?). You find out that you have social studies. It looks like the person who's going to teach you is Mr. Instagram? You see the last group of kids run out of class, what first comes to your mind?
  15. Well whatever you say, you walk into the class and finding old (excuse me elderly) man. He tells you all to sit down and you sit down to the closest desk. He yelled that you to sit at another desk, what do you think of that attitude?
  16. So after you go to your other seat, you realize that your best friend Blossom is in your class! Then Mr. Instagram assigns locker partners and guess what? You on the Blossom are partners, yay! What do you think?
  17. He assigned to your locker number and guides you to where the lockers are. You and Blossom finally take off your backpacks (yes you had them on for this long) chat for a while until Mr. Instagram says it's time to go in. What do you think you and Blossom would've talked about?
  18. Everybody was talking for so long that no one realize that it was the end of the day! You and Blossom grab your stuff and leave the building. You find bus 1 and see that it is so chaotic. What do you do?
  19. End of quiz! The next quiz is supposed to come out on the 2nd of June. So what do you think of my quiz?

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