Middle School: You're the new girl!

You're the new girl at Riverside Elementary & Middle School. There's a dance on Friday, and you wonder if, even as the new girl, will get a date. Who knows, but your decisions on the first day could affect this!

Go to Riverside and learn about Peter, Jackson, and Brendon. (All real names of crushes I've had/am having.) You become friends with Jacy and Becca, and have a great time. Let fate decide your future at Riverside...

Created by: Ash
  1. It's your first day - a warm October day, you get onto the bus. It's hectic, but everyone stops to stare at you. Your long brown hair is blown in the wind, and your face is red. What do you do? *Be honest*
  2. You look around. There's Peter, who has short brown hair, blue eyes, and is wearing all black. He's whispering to a friend, but there's room next to him. You spot an empty seat, but your eyes also go to Jackson. He's smiling and his face is red. Hot beyond imaginable. He's alone, but obviously has friends. You then look at Brendon. He looks like a bit of a troublemaker, with brown hair, glasses, dark brown eyes, and a cute smile. You also see two girls - Jacy and Becca, who seem nice. Who do you sit with?
  3. You take a seat, and put your backpack on your lap. "Hi," (INSERT WHOEVER YOU SAT WITH) says. You share a small smile, and jump right into conversation. They ask you where you're from.
  4. You arrive at school-it's pretty nice. Jacy and Becca offer to show you around. You agree, and find out that all of you have the exact same schedule! They bring you to math class (first period), where the teacher puts you next to Peter. What do you do?
  5. You follow Jacy and Becca to English. You meet your teacher, Ms. Archerson. She's nice and has a sense of humor. She seats you next to Jackson. She tells him to catch you up on the lessons. What happens next?
  6. It's recess-15 minutes of eating and playing. Jacy and Becca explain how they signed up for a Brunch Club, and it's only on Mondays. They apologize but now you're alone. You see Brendon plotting a prank on Jackson. What do you do?
  7. Next, physical education. The teacher, Ms. Krucks, really sucks, and you don't think you made the best impression; you've never been the most fit. She makes you all have boy-girl partnerships, and you're with Brendon. You're supposed to pass the hockey puck. What happens?
  8. You go to drama. Mr. Hannings does vocal warm-ups, and you do a model-type activity too. It's all super fun. You have a few minutes to chat at the end of class, and you, Jacy, and Becca all huddle in the corner and talk. They tell you about the dance on Friday. How do you react?
  9. Let fade decide.
  10. Thanks for taking this :) This won't affect your final score, but did you like this quiz?

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