Should you ask her to the dance? Guys and LGBTQ+ only.

If you're having a school dance and want to ask you crush to be your date please consult with this test. It may have some flaws and incorrect grammar/spelling but I swear I di my best!

Remember I am in no way qualified to make this quiz and apologize if I am mistaken. This is all based on a good expiriance with a girl a few weeks ago! Thank you and enjoy!

Created by: Coolcat4444

  1. Does she like to sit with you at lunch,classes,or other clubs?
  2. Do you ever see her staring at you?
  3. Do her friends act different around you?
  4. Does she talk about having a crush on someone else?
  5. This is my first quiz so how do you like it?
  6. Do you think sho likes you?
  7. How does she act towards you?
  8. What contact have you made?
  9. How much does she know about you?
  10. This will not effect your score but please think about the following question: How often do you think of her?

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Quiz topic: Should I ask her to the dance? Guys and LGBTQ+ only.